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Kanza Jamil1 day

When will we realize that Feminism is Something We Need in Pakistan?

Men against feminism are paranoid and self-centered. Feminism was basically NOT ABOUT MEN. Not about hating them or loving them. ...

Momina Naveed1 month

“Taking Hijab Bars Women from Progressing in our Society” – Here’s Why It Makes No Sense

It’s a day like most. Some celebrity is breaking the internet, yet again. All of them are competing to bare ...

Kanza Jamil1 month

Here’s how Many of Us have failed to understand the real meaning of ‘Feminism’

Feminism is about giving women the choice to be whatever they’re comfortable with. Not killing them, not mentally or physically ...

Arijah Siddiqui2 months

I am Losing Faith in Feminism Because…

I am a student of Habib University, studying Social Development and Policy. I am in my second year of such ...

Azka Mirza3 months

Why Feminism Is Important and Why Everyone Should Be A Feminist…

Why has feminism become a taboo? A state of mind, a choice, a difference of opinion maybe, but why is ...

Aneeqa Abid4 months

Feminism also Means Women Supporting the Rights of Other Women

What is feminism? Is it just supporting equality of women rights? Is it just raising slogans against the exploitation of ...

Sarah Pearl Burhan4 months

A Pakistani Girl was Awarded the Highest Honor at Oxford University!

Having the motivation to study is a difficult task alone, but then going to Oxford is a whole different thing. ...

Dua Hanif5 months

Does Feminism Give a Woman the License of Equality to Man In Islam?

I’ve always wanted to put these thoughts into words but couldn’t. Today I helped myself to do so. It’s a ...

Arsh Khan6 months

Feminism, Misandry and Sexism in Pakistan: Let’s Clear The Confusion

“To be great is to be misunderstood” is how I believe Ralph Waldo Emerson put it. And while he used ...

sarmadali6 months

Punjab University Students are Sending out a Message they Want the World to Know!

Feminism – a term which is perhaps the most misinterpreted term. It is that term which women all around the ...

Anonymous6 months

Pakistani Men Abused Me For Playing “Ludo Star”

Okay so yesterday I was playing this game “Ludo Star”, that’s going crazy everywhere, with one of my friends. We ...

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