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Roha Rehan7 hours

Here’s why we Fail to Realize all the Good Things in Life while Growing up so Fast

I wish I had never grown up. It’s simply excessively sudden. It feels as though it was just yesterday that ...

Fatima Naz2 weeks

5 Things To Always Remember When Your Friends Get Engaged

You never thought that time would come, one of your besties or friends will break away from the pack and ...

Anonymous1 month

I met a Girl Online and Fell in Love with her, but things got Complicated…

I am 23 and I fell in love for the first time at the age of 21. A girl from Lahore ...

Ariba2 months

Girls, 6 Signs that confirm He wants you to stay in the Friend-zone!

You may know him for years now and you may have started to develop feelings for him. He is always ...

Myeda Jawwad2 months

All those who think your Best Friend has changed after Marriage Need to Read This

In Pakistan, when a girl gets married, she loses her friends (yes, I know it’s a worldwide phenomenon). But here, ...

Ariba2 months

This Girl Narrates an Uncomfortable Experience where a Cab Driver tried to get Physical with Her

Seems like traveling alone has now become a major task for young girls in Pakistan. If you’ve been using the ...

Anonymous4 months

My Best Friends Bullied Me for Being Overweight and It Killed Me from the Inside

“You just need to lose a few pounds”, “that wouldn’t look nice on your body type”, and “yaar ab tou ...

Sarah4 months

Dear Girls, Stop Playing with the Life of Guys In the Name of Friendship

I’ve heard many women using the terms ‘just friends’ and the ‘rishta agya’ to fool guys. Here, I would share ...

Sheza Ashraf6 months

Have a Crush? Here are 10 Things He/She Does to Annoy You

Love is a feeling that can happen to anybody, anyplace, at any instance. One moment you are perfectly fine and ...

Zeenia Malik6 months

Hey Best Friend, You’re Getting Married and this Is for You

There is a definitive moment in a person’s life where they become acutely aware of the fact that they found ...

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