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Soha NaveedApril 14, 2019

Latest Islamic Fatwa Says Using Somebody Else’s Wi-Fi Without Permission Is Haram!

The modern age has heard of all sorts of fatwas; senseless or full of sense. From maulvis declaring the watching ...

FarwaOctober 24, 2018

Here Are 9 Golden Rules On Ethics And Etiquettes From Surah-Al-Hujurat That You Should Know

It has been stated in the history that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) announced his prophethood at the age of forty. ...

Soha NaveedJuly 7, 2018

These Girls Expose the Islamic Cult Leader Adnan Oktar And It is Despicable!

Among the strangest things you may read today, here’s a news on an Islamic creationist and sex cult leader, Adnan ...

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