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Mahnoor AslamJanuary 3, 2019

Pakistanis Are Losing Their Heads After This Video Of Pakistani Doppelganger Of Shahrukh Khan Goes Viral!

If you are born and raised in Pakistan, then you must would have heard this in your childhood that we ...

Mahnoor AslamJanuary 2, 2019

PIA Just Introduced A New ‘Weight Loss’ Policy And Pakistanis Can’t Help But Say WTF?!

PIA has always had this notorious reputation in the country. In the flock of other domestic companies, it is the ...

Mahnoor AslamJanuary 1, 2019

Sham Idrees And Froggy Are FINALLY Engaged And People Are Still Not Buying It!

Since the world has now jumped in the new era of influencers and everyone wants to be dragged in that. ...

Mahnoor AslamDecember 29, 2018

We Asked Pakistanis The Weirdest Thing They Have Caught Couples Doing In Public And ASTAGFAR!

Now, we need to admit that we all at some point in our lives have seen something “gunahgaar”! Willingly or ...

Mahnoor AslamDecember 24, 2018

This Harry Potter Remake By Students Of GCU Lahore Is Giving Serious Competition To Maula Jatt 2!

God indeed has been very kind to humans, he has bestowed us with a lot! And in that category of ...

Mahnoor AslamDecember 19, 2018

Yumna Zaid Exposes The ‘Ganda’ Mindset Of Pakistanis Regarding Her Skin Color And Body

Yumna Zaid so far needs no introduction, after she the better half of Zaid Ali! Zaid Ali the guy who ...

Mahnoor AslamDecember 18, 2018

This Mother Is In Dire Need Of Your Financial Help For Her 3-Month-Old Sick Child Who Can’t Be Treated In Pakistan!

It is said that the most sacred of all love is of your mother. Also, that no one can love ...

Mahnoor AslamDecember 17, 2018

“Tu Kyun Maa Ban Rahi Hai?” Guy Responds To Allegation After His Appalling Video Goes Viral!

The power in our country is exploited at all possible levels. And clearly, power comes with money. And who really ...

Mahnoor AslamDecember 14, 2018

“Tu Kyun Maa Ban Rahi Thi?” – This Pakistani Guy Stooped So Low That It Is Absolutely Appalling

Since the new found government is doing all they can, there’s still hustle and bustle! Despite the fact that things ...

Mahnoor AslamDecember 14, 2018

This Gulab Jamun War On Twitter Has Divided Pakistanis And It’s Too Much To Handle!

Pakistanis like to have wars, be it cricket wars or city or food! We know even after being a very ...

Mahnoor AslamDecember 7, 2018

Female Advocate Constantly Hits And Abuses Police Warden Showcasing How ‘Peaceful’ Pakistani Lawyers Are!

There have been many times in Pakistan, where the civilians have taken law in their hands. Which is actually a ...

Mahnoor AslamDecember 5, 2018

We Asked Pakistanis What They’d Do If They Caught Their Lover Cheating And The Answers Were KAMAAL!

Let’s all be very practical, that these social media has made things very easy. Be it work, friendship, relationship or “cheating”! ...

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