Girl From Peshawar Beats The Living Daylights Out Of Two Men In Public And Damn! She's A Ninja!


Girl From Peshawar Beats The Living Daylights Out Of Two Men In Public And Damn! She’s A Ninja!


You don’t get to see this too often here in Pakistan but this legit happened just yesterday and that too in Peshawar!

Check out this video below!

Did you notice how the men standing there were just laughing and enjoying the show? Like WTF, people?

They deserved a kick and punch… you know where…

Peshawar Girl

With an increase in women being abused and the stories that are reported have encouraged a lot of people to come forward and speak out for themselves. As it takes a lot of courage to share their experiences, we salute them! However, especially in Pakistan, there are still many out there who choose to remain shush about it.

But this video has proved otherwise. It was indeed a proud moment to see how the girl took the matter in her own hands rather than merely ignoring it or wait for the men standing there watching the show take action. But no. Also, for those ‘men’ who say that majority of times, it’s the woman’s dressing that provokes a man to harass her, well, you could barely see her eyes here!!

However, the details are yet to be revealed of what actually caused the girl to do this, that too in a marketplace.

And Pakistanis were all praises. Well, because obviously, what she did was extraordinary!

Men, think again!

Girls, take notes!

Like a bawsss!

Stop underestimating women, already!

Kahan hai?

Many are still wondering what exactly is it that triggered the woman to beat the guys up and that too at a marketplace. Well, let’s just hope men learn a lesson from this video. They never know when they might trigger the ninja inside them. Be watchful and we’re super proud of this Peshawari girl!

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