10 Obvious Signs Of A CHEATING Husband: Ladies, Take Notes Before It’s Too Late!

10 Obvious Signs Of A CHEATING Husband: Ladies, Take Notes Before It’s Too Late!

Sure, you need to protect your marriage but should you really, when your man isn’t just YOUR man? More often than not, wives have overlooked some quite explicit signs of a cheating husband. And then there are those who have intentionally denied the signs, fearing their marriage will end.

Let me ask you this, how good is your marriage with a cheating husband anyway? Wasn’t your relationship in an unfixable dent when he showed a sign that you innocently ignored? It is time to confront your fears, be confident, and confess. The situation could only go worse if done otherwise.

So, here are some unavoidable signs of a cheating husband that you should consider before ‘resorting to ignoring them just for the sake of protecting the marriage’.

1. Hides his phone while texting

If you have never seen their screen when they’re texting, there’s a problem. And if they intentionally selectively show you their phones, there’s a problem again. A good relationship doesn’t require showing/hiding phones anyway. They are above these petty maneuvers. And if he’s awkward about his phone and avoids the confrontation, trust me, there is something not okay about it.

2. Suddenly you’re invisible to them

So your relationship started being all lovey-dovey. And now suddenly, they don’t even notice the bump in your head, a disgusting mole on your nose – any minor to major detail of your physique.

3. Stays out for too long

Here’s the classic sign that trumps them all. Does he avoid coming home, make excuses, takes an uninformed leave? You know it when he’s intentionally avoiding you, don’t you! Don’t hush away that gut feeling, my friend.

4. Always tired

So he can’t spend time with you, be nice and cordial because he is ALWAYS tired? Did he suddenly taking two jobs without your knowledge or is it his same old routine?

5. Doesn’t compliment you anymore

His lack of interest makes sense but have you also observed his falling lack of interest in you? Pay attention to every instance he forces a tareef on you only ‘cause you asked for it. Is he looking at it the phone? Avoiding to look directly in your eyes?

6. Uninformed Sneak outs

Oh, so he completely forgot to tell you for the 10th time that he had a work emergency? Snuck out without anyone knowing? Switched off phone for a couple of hours? Hmmm..

7. He just ‘loves’ being around his friends now

Right. His ‘friends’ but every other day? Really?

8.Deleted chat history

If there really wasn’t something to hide, why deleting the history?

9. Stops taking responsibility

If you have a child or you don’t, there is no excuse for losing interest in your or the child’s wellbeing. See where his attention is. No human on earth is that dull to be completely devoid of the sense.

10. Obvious avoidance

He either avoids or blares up with flames upon asked about his whereabouts. If confronted, he runs away from the scenario.

There’s certainly would be reasons why men cheat on their wives but no reason justifies cheating, and it’s time they put their act together!


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