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Sheza Ashraf6 hours

Maya Ali Enjoying Her Best Friend’s Wedding is Giving us Major Friend Goals!

Out of all the things that you thank God for, chances are that your best friend is on the top ...

Hira Hyder9 hours

Nadia Jamil Courageously Voices Herself on Sexual Abuse and has a Message for all Pakistanis

Nadia Jamil is a personality from the Pakistani media industry whose efforts for creating awareness about social issues and social ...

Masroor Zaidi11 hours

Here are 4 Common Reasons for an Unsuccessful Marital Life

Marriage is an institution where two families come close to making a third one. A happy marriage is a myth. ...

Mahroo Uris5 days

Side of a Single Mom’s Life That Is Not Known To Many

Hi Everyone, I would like to post here just to appreciate how I feel towards my mom who has encouraged ...

Zainab Rao6 days

Here Are The Perks of Being a Female in Pakistan

My perfect day kicks off with a wake-up call, followed by a sweet morning message from a close friend; while ...

Shahroze Ali Khan6 days

‘Mein Bezubaan Nahi’ – Kaarvan, The Ray of Hope

Knowing exactly when to move on is a task not many people can master… But without any doubt, this determines ...

Atif Ali Ishrat1 week

“Is this what I want?” – Questions That Pop Up In Your Mind While Walking Down The Aisle

At last the big day finally arrives. The sun shining, the wedding bells chiming, the choir singing, the priest reciting, ...

Tuba Faizan1 week

Tea Trolley Time – Here’s What Happened When Rishta Aunties Came Over

With a thumping heart, I walked towards the drawing room, Where a group awaited along with my potential groom, As ...

Talha Khan1 week

The Increase in Gender Discrimination in the East and Why it Requires Immediate Attention

Femininity, in this modern era, is still a mystification to many across the globe. How charming it sights to feast ...

Madiha1 week

Here’s how a Cancer Guy is the Perfect Match for a Capricorn Girl!

‘Negative poles attract each other’, truly suitable for cancer and the Capricorn. As ‘diamond’ makes a beautiful combination with ‘gold’, ...

Shahroze Ali Khan1 week

These Women are expressing their Dark Sides through Colors – Here’s how…

It is an undeniable fact that the potential of being creative doesn’t rely on a specific gene, gender, or color ...

Atif Ali Ishrat2 weeks

The Unusual Couple of a Sailor and the Ship!

He realized there was something wrong, she kept going a different route even though he had a firm hold on ...

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