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Ariba6 days

12 Most Afforable Makeup Artists for all the Brides-to-be in Lahore!

Finding makeup artists as always been a serious struggle for brides-to-be. Now, months before the wedding, the bride and her ...

Fatima Naz1 week

Top 12 Affordable Makeup Artists in Karachi for all the Brides-to-be!

With the wedding bells ringing all around, everyone is now busy in finding the perfect dress and finding the perfect ...

Mahnoor Aslam2 weeks

Here’s How Harnaam Kaur is Fighting Polycystic Ovary Syndrome like a Boss!

Kaur has Polycystic Ovary Syndrome; a hormonal disease that can result in the growth of excess facial and body hair. ...

Ariba2 weeks

6 Bad Beauty Habits that you Need to Quit Immediately!

Bad habits can be very dangerous to your health and there’s no denying that we all have some sort of ...

Sheza Ashraf2 weeks

Here are 7 Easy “Totkas” by Zubaida Apa that you should use in your daily Life Routine

Our nation was introduced to Zubaida Apa back in 1996 when she used to teach us finger-licking recipes on her ...

Fizza Batool3 weeks

Here’s how you can get Rid of Acne and Scars Naturally within a month!

What’s worse than a nightmare? Acne scars. Most of us get goosebumps the very moment we notice that little bump called ...

Fatima Naz3 weeks

I am a Girl But I Don’t Want To Be A Beauty Expert, Here’s Why!

Makeup which basically started with enhancing your features, physically, emotionally and especially mentally, to cover up or fix the things ...

Fizza Batool3 weeks

Here’s How Your Lipstick Pick Reveals Everything About Your Personality

Lipsticks have always been a woman’s best friend. Often it’s the first cosmetic that an adolescent girl wears, usually in ...

Fizza Batool3 weeks

Here’s Why 90% of Pakistani Girls Prefer Straight Boring Hair over Curls

Over the past decade, ironed-straight hair has become almost the default style for females of a certain age. When it ...

Fatima Naz4 weeks

Here’s how you can hide those Extra Pounds on you by wearing these Few Colors

Who doesn’t want to shed a couple of those extra pounds and look smart? Or it’s an event you have ...

Fizza Batool4 weeks

You’re absolutely going to Love these Make-up Dupes and Save a LOT of Money!

When you are truly, madly, deeply addicted to makeup, you’re always willing to spend your every last penny on every ...

Fatima Naz1 month

Here are 9 things that Every Girl going on a Honeymoon Needs to Pack!

Your wedding just happened, everything seems perfect! We daydream and plan out our wedding, months before it actually happens, but ...

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