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Tooba bawanyMarch 6, 2024

Barbie’s 65th Birthday: Celebrating Different Looks and Styles

As Barbie reaches its 65th anniversary, the iconic doll brand has undergone a profound transformation, embracing diversity in a world ...

Tooba bawanyFebruary 16, 2024

Arisha Razi’s Before-and-After Makeover Sparks Mixed Reactions

Arisha Razi, a well-known Pakistani model and actor, recently stirred public interest with her before-and-after makeup video, showcasing a stunning ...

Tooba bawanyFebruary 15, 2024

Anoushay Abbasi Shares Her Weight Loss Journey and Talks About Bullying

Anoushay Abbasi, a talented actress with a family full of actors, directors, and writers, recently spoke on Ahmad Ali Butt’s ...

Tooba bawanyFebruary 5, 2024

Durefishan’s Glowy Makeup Secrets and Tutorial

Durefishan Saleem, acclaimed for her recent string of successful performances in dramas like Jaisay Aapki Marzi, Ishq Murshid, and Khaie, ...

Tooba bawanyJanuary 27, 2024

Hania Aamir’s Controversial Hair Styling Video

Hania Aamir, a leading actress in the country, stirred controversy with her latest video showcasing hairstyling antics on social media. ...

AleemaNovember 29, 2023

Shazia Marri: Political and Cultural Vision: Resembling Anushka Sharma’s joy

Pakistani political leader Shazia Marri, in an exclusive interview, shared insights into her political journey and cultural aspirations. She expressed ...

Samra NisarNovember 23, 2023

Among The 100 Amazing Women In The World, There Are Two Pakistanis

For 2023, the BBC has compiled a list of 100 women from around the world who inspire and influence them. ...

Samra NisarNovember 20, 2023

Asma Abbas and Zara Noor Abbas Keep it Real with Their Relatable Skincare Routine

Asma Abbas and Zara Noor Abbas, a talented mother-daughter pair, have charmed their way into the hearts of many. After ...

AfifaNovember 18, 2023

Why Erica Robin’s Miss Universe Journey Is a Proud Moment for Pakistan

Pakistan celebrates a historic victory as Erica Robin is crowned Miss Universe Pakistan 2023. Here’s why her journey is a ...

Zehra BatoolAugust 10, 2021

Whoa! Has Veena Malik Got Her Face Redesigned? Let’s Find Out!

Veena Malik is a name that does not need any introduction. Even though the outspoken actor is not seen on ...

S JMay 26, 2021

Hello Ladies! Nida Yasir Has Just Revealed Her Secret To Losing 3 Kilos In 1 Week

Controlling your weight is every woman’s struggle. But, guess what! Television host Nida Yasir has recently revealed how she lost ...

S JApril 12, 2021

‘Living A Happy Life With Acne Is Possible’ – Alizeh Shah Wants You To Embrace Your Skin

Lots of children, teenagers, and even adults experience acne. They find it tough to manage it. Why they have acne? ...

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