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Fatima Naz1 week

Here are 5 Ways you can Budget Shop and Stop Yourself from Overspending!

Okay so you love shopping, you even go when there are sales happening, and you convince yourself that you are ...

Ariba2 weeks

6 Bad Beauty Habits that you Need to Quit Immediately!

Bad habits can be very dangerous to your health and there’s no denying that we all have some sort of ...

Sheza Ashraf2 weeks

Here are 7 Easy “Totkas” by Zubaida Apa that you should use in your daily Life Routine

Our nation was introduced to Zubaida Apa back in 1996 when she used to teach us finger-licking recipes on her ...

Fatima Naz2 weeks

Here are 5 Sanitary Products you didn’t know that Existed!

It’s that time of the month again, basically, you not only have to worry about bad skin but also the ...

Fizza Batool3 weeks

Here’s how you can get Rid of Acne and Scars Naturally within a month!

What’s worse than a nightmare? Acne scars. Most of us get goosebumps the very moment we notice that little bump called ...

Fatima Naz3 weeks

A Quick Guide On How Mothers Can Talk To Their Daughters About Periods

Having ”The Talk” about periods with your daughter can be quiet scary but the sooner you do it, the better ...

Fizza Batool3 weeks

Here’s How You Can Break Gender Roles By Sharing Household Chores

Pakistan is a country where stereotypes are a common part of life that genuinely is toxic. It’s a place where ...

Sheza Ashraf4 weeks

This Woman of Valor Taught Robbers a Lesson that they Would Never Forget!

Those days are long gone when Karachi was called as the city of lights. Well, because now, the new and ...

Fizza Batool4 weeks

You’re absolutely going to Love these Make-up Dupes and Save a LOT of Money!

When you are truly, madly, deeply addicted to makeup, you’re always willing to spend your every last penny on every ...

Soha Naveed1 month

4 Things You Definitely Need to Know About Dermaplaning!

Growing up, one of the emerging needs of women revolves around their skincare, narrowing down to having baby-smooth skin, which ...

Ariba1 month

Here’s How to Choose the Perfect Red Lipstick according to your Skin Tone

Let us begin by telling you that you have been wearing the wrong shade of your favorite lipstick all along. ...

Ariba4 months

5 Natural and Effective Remedies You Need to get Rid of your Dark Lips

Bothered by the color of your lips? Can’t step out of the house without applying your favorite lippie just so ...

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