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AnonymousSeptember 19, 2018

This Pakistani Girl Explains How Women Are Taught To Keep Their Mouths Shut In Our Society

When my mother went for her ultrasound while she was pregnant with my elder sister, the lady doctor pretended that ...

Mahnoor AslamSeptember 18, 2018

Malik Riaz’s Daughter Pashmina Malik Is Helping Newlywed Zainab Mushtaq In Fighting ‘Leukaemia’

Compassion is the building block of any marriage. When two people start their new life and get married; they need ...

FarwaSeptember 13, 2018

Maryam Nawaz’s Picture After Reaching Home Is Making People Notice Something They Shouldn’t Care About

The funeral prayers of the former first lady of Pakistan, Kulsoom Nawaz will be offered in London today before her ...

AnonymousSeptember 12, 2018

After Being Physically Abused, This Girl Has A Message For All The Parents Out There

My story is a request for all the parents. I was very young when I started getting molested by my ...

Mahnoor AslamSeptember 11, 2018

This Girl Allegedly Reported The Worst Uber Experience And It Is Scary

Every now and then we hear a heinous incident by drivers of the famous and only cab services in Pakistan. ...

Mahnoor AslamSeptember 11, 2018

Hidden Camera Caught in This Famous Beauty Parlor Is Freaking Everyone Out

There have been tons of incidents of a hidden camera in many famous retail stores. These stores have been caught ...

Mahnoor AslamSeptember 10, 2018

This Pakistani Girl Explains How Men Should “Learn a Lesson” In the Most Perfect Manner

Family. How do you explain it? Like Bombay biryani? Layered differently, with unique flavors in each layer. And the best part ...

Mashal Fatima RizviSeptember 10, 2018

‘For Men, Freedom of Speech; For Women, Silence Please’

The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” comes into play here. However, this notion is far too complex ...

Minahil KamranSeptember 10, 2018

[POEM] – The Warrior

The warrior inside Hair, short, messy sweaty Colored by the war in the midnight sky Eyes encapsulated by the mud ...

Samra ShahidSeptember 7, 2018

Here’s How Children Emotionally Blackmail Their Parents And It Is Not Right

Let’s face it we have all done it, we have all suffered through it, but neither of the experiences has ...

Mahnoor AslamSeptember 7, 2018

This Man Thought It’s Okay to Express His Utmost “Chichorpan” on a Woman’s Public Post and It’s Sickening

In the 21st century, people are still desperate to leave phone numbers in the public toilets. In hopes to get a ...

FarwaSeptember 5, 2018

This Pakistani Female Blogger Just Discussed Something Not Many Would’ve Been Able To

Pakistan is a land of high morals values where people greet each other when meeting, they respect elders whether they ...

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