Category: Social Issues

Ibrar AhmadMarch 20, 2018

“They Are Our Honor” – What Have You Done to Justify This Statement?

Today is the day of the vulnerable class of society. We (men) call them our honor. But have you ever ...

Mahnoor AslamMarch 17, 2018

A Pakistani Model In Lahore Was Crossing The Anarkali Road “Alone” and What Happened Next was Surprising

Emaan Suleman started her career in modeling a few years back. But she is more than just a model. She ...

Afshan AbbasMarch 16, 2018

Here’s Why a Woman is Other Woman’s Worst Enemy and It Is Truly Disappointing

Last night, I was watching a drama serial on a local TV channel. The story of the soap revolves around ...

Hamna AsifMarch 16, 2018

The Obsession With ‘Gora Rang’ Is Not Taking Us Anywhere and It Is Important for Us to Realize that

So what’s the obsession with ‘gora rang’ nowadays? I was watching Jago Pakistan Jago and precisely felt really weird after ...

Mahnoor AslamMarch 15, 2018

Hareem Farooq’s Stance against the VIP Culture is Making Pakistanis Adore Her Even More!

Hareem Farooq, the lead actress of the Pakistani film “Dobara Phir Sy” has always come up as fierce as she ...

Mahnoor AslamMarch 15, 2018

This Morning Show Found a Pathetic Way to Promote Dark-Skinned Brides and People are Furious!

Jago Pakistan Jago is a morning show which has been hosted by the very talented Sanam Jung who started off ...

Zain KaziMarch 14, 2018

7 Types of Women Drivers You Will Find on the Roads of Pakistan

Calling out all women drivers, let’s have a word… How many times have you looked at a woman driving on ...

Yashfeen JamalMarch 13, 2018

Here’s Why Male Preference Is Increasing Day by Day in Our Society

‘Betiyan tou bojh hoti hain maa baap pay’ ‘Agar is dafa tumnay Beta paida na kiya to main dusri shadi ...

Rabia JawedMarch 13, 2018

Why Does Our Society Allow Men To Do Whatever They Want But Restrict Women?

Disclaimer: The following article is a passionate expression of ideas about a specific yet very important situation, and the subject ...

Myeda JawwadMarch 12, 2018

Here’s Why “Aunty-ism’ is the Real “Exorcism” In Our Pakistani Society and It Needs to Stop

After many days, I decided to write because meeting Pakistani aunties always gave me an episode of depression, literally full ...

Hafsa FarazMarch 12, 2018

Another Year, another Summer – Battle of the Lawns Strikes Again!

As summers are around the corner, the battle of lawns has already started as all our beloved brands are being ...

Mahnoor AslamMarch 12, 2018

Here’s How This Renowned Medical University Allegedly Breached the Confidentiality of Their Female Applicants

A student when clears all the exam from college, gets prepared for the university with all hope and shine in ...

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