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Soha NaveedMay 28, 2018

This Girl Encountered Two Men Throwing Flying Kisses to her In Ramadan and It Is Just Disgusting!

Not the first time we are reading men doing the super unreligious thing in the Holy month of Ramadan, are ...

Soha NaveedMay 28, 2018

This Girl Talks About How Being A Highly Educated Female In Our Society Is Treated as a Threat

In a society like ours, people never take pride when a woman chooses to study higher. Implications such as, “Shaadi ...

Grana BangashMay 28, 2018

This Girl From Islamabad Shares Nauseating Story of How The Examiner Touched Her Inappropriately

We are students of Bahria College Islamabad; a very reputable institute in Islamabad where getting an admission is a very ...

Maria RubabMay 25, 2018

This Girl Has A Message For All Those Defending The Guy Who Publicly Displayed His “3-inch ki Izzat”

Yesterday, a post came out about a ‘Tharki Kutta’ roaming around DHA Phase-8 showing his 3-inch ki izzat to girls ...

Soha NaveedMay 24, 2018

This Pakistani Girl Was Brutally Assaulted When She Tried To Fight Off The Muggers!

Armed robberies happening in Karachi isn’t a new news, but someone, especially a woman, fighting the assaulters with bravery, indeed ...

FarwaMay 24, 2018

Sushmita Sen Opens Up About Being Harassed By A Teenager And Here’s What She Did

The groundbreaking anti-sexual assault and women empowerment #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have made their way from Hollywood to around the ...

Soha NaveedMay 23, 2018

Malala’s Picture Of Celebrating Holi At her University Is Getting Unnecessary Hate from the Social Media!

When it comes to the hate Pakistani Nobel Prize winner Malala receives on the Pakistani social media, one can just ...

Syeda SandleenMay 22, 2018

Here’s How Electronic Media Is Playing a Major Role In Spreading Social Awareness

Harassment covers a wide range of behaviors of an offensive nature. It is the behavior that appears to be threatening ...

Myeda JawwadMay 19, 2018

Halaal Wife And Haraam Colleague – Why Do Men Classify Women According To Their Character?

We all have different standards for men and women, especially when it comes to evaluating their character. We usually fancy ...

Mahnoor AslamMay 19, 2018

Khurram Nawaz, Member Pakistan Awami Tehreek Was Caught Shouting At Hostel Girls Is Wrong On Many Levels!

It’s no surprise that when a student says that all the hostel wardens are strict. Indeed, they are or they ...

Sharoz Essa KhanMay 19, 2018

Intense Interview with a Prostitute Who’s About to Get Married

“I never thought my life would turn out to be like this. I wanted to ask every single man, what ...

Rehmeen Fatima RasoolMay 18, 2018

An Open To Letter To All Those Women Who Have Been Victims Of Harassment

83% women face some kind of sexual harassment, whether it would be physical, abusive or cyber. And to fall into ...

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