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Roha Rehan7 hours

Here’s why we Fail to Realize all the Good Things in Life while Growing up so Fast

I wish I had never grown up. It’s simply excessively sudden. It feels as though it was just yesterday that ...

Mahnoor Aslam13 hours

A 19-Year-Old Girl Died the Day after her Wedding Night because of what her Husband Did…

With Kasur’s case opening up to the public, a lot of incidents which otherwise would have gone unnoticed, are now ...

Anonymous1 day

Mard Ban Mard – It’s Time We Look at the Women in Our Family

I  believe it’s one of you; yes #Notallmen but #Oneofyou! Do all men, well most whom I’ve come across not ...

Kanza Jamil1 day

When will we realize that Feminism is Something We Need in Pakistan?

Men against feminism are paranoid and self-centered. Feminism was basically NOT ABOUT MEN. Not about hating them or loving them. ...

Hira Hyder2 days

Nadia Jamil Courageously Voices Herself on Sexual Abuse and has a Message for all Pakistanis

Nadia Jamil is a personality from the Pakistani media industry whose efforts for creating awareness about social issues and social ...

Soha Naveed3 days

67-Year-Old Asfa Naseem, Abandoned by her Own Family Members Needs Help for her Treatment

They say that the blood is thicker than water. They also say that no matter what happens, family comes first. ...

Mahnoor Aslam3 days

Imaan Mazari Shares her Childhood Story of Sexual Abuse by her Female Teacher

Among many other famous Pakistani names, Shireen Mazari PTI activist’s daughter, Imaan Mazari, also revealed that when she was a ...

Soha Naveed3 days

This Guy Harassing a Girl and her Friends by Using her Images is Something That Needs to End

Harassment isn’t a joke and should never be taken as one, especially when it comes to cyberbullying. Most of the ...

Soha Naveed6 days

This Girl Narrated Rape Tragedies of Children and They Will Surely Break Your Heart

Since the news of Zainab’s kidnapping, rape and murder broke, the entire nation is shaken. It indeed was a wakeup ...

Mahroo Uris7 days

Side of a Single Mom’s Life That Is Not Known To Many

Hi Everyone, I would like to post here just to appreciate how I feel towards my mom who has encouraged ...

Soha Naveed1 week

See How Rejecting a Marriage Proposal Led to the Murder of Stage Performer Brekhna and her Father

Another day, and another story of how a woman was assaulted only because she said “no” to a marriage proposal. ...

Zainab Rao1 week

Here Are The Perks of Being a Female in Pakistan

My perfect day kicks off with a wake-up call, followed by a sweet morning message from a close friend; while ...

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