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Afreen MirzaNovember 28, 2023

Nimra Khan Clears the Air Regarding Drunk Driving Allegations

Actress Nimra Khan has faced significant challenges in her life, surviving a near-fatal accident that resulted in a leg injury ...

AfeefaNovember 28, 2023

Shan Baig Responds Strongly to Fiza Khawar’s Safety Concerns

During a lot of noise on social media, actor Shan Baig didn’t hold back when responding to Fiza Khawar’s recent ...

AfeefaNovember 27, 2023

Dananeer Mobeen receives criticism for her remarks endorsing Palestine

Dananeer Mobeen, a Pakistani actor and social media influencer, has publicly stated that she has lost opportunities due to her ...

Samra NisarNovember 23, 2023

Among The 100 Amazing Women In The World, There Are Two Pakistanis

For 2023, the BBC has compiled a list of 100 women from around the world who inspire and influence them. ...

AfifaNovember 23, 2023

Sania Saeed Expressed Her Opinion On Feminism

Pakistani drama industry has been blessed with exceptional people who are adored for their brilliant work in the industry. Bushra ...

Alizeh AkbarApril 11, 2023

‘I Could Fix Him’, Ayesha Omar Shares Detail Of Her Abusive Relationship

Very few Pakistani actresses have made their way into the male-dominant entertainment industry and Ayesha Omar is one of them. ...

Alizeh AkbarMarch 10, 2023

Kaam Pura Tou Ujrat Aadhi Kiun? Iffat Omar Raised Her Voice For ‘Equal Pay Right’ At Aurat March

This time’s Aurat March theme sounded differently and followed the country’s financial crises. Women asked for equality of pay rights, ...

Alizeh AkbarMarch 2, 2023

Shame On All Of Us! Ushna Shah Deactivated Her Instagram After Being Brutally Trolled

Ushna Shah deactivated her Instagram account after the breakout of trolls by netizens on the most special day of her ...

Alizeh AkbarMarch 1, 2023

Are You Going? Aurat March 2023 To Be Held In Karachi On 12th March

Just like every year, Aurat March will be held on March 12 instead of March 8 in Karachi. It has ...

Alizeh AkbarOctober 31, 2022

Shocking! Afghan Guard Whips Female Students Outside Afghanistan University

It’s grieving and shocking whenever females beat over their rights. It’s not acceptable ethically, but who’s going to say anything ...

Alizeh AkbarOctober 28, 2022

Seeking Justice! Female Artists Lend Support To Syeda Aliza Sultan

In the entertainment industry couple’s separation is very common, but if the cause of the separation turns out to be ...

Alizeh AkbarSeptember 29, 2022

5 Years Of #MeToo Movement! High Profile Sexual Assault Cases Destroyed Powerful Men

Revolution doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time as we all have heard over the past decades. Movements take place every ...

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