Top 12 Affordable Makeup Artists in Karachi for all the Brides-to-be!

With the wedding bells ringing all around, everyone is now busy in finding the perfect dress and finding the perfect place for their makeup to be done and them to look like a million bucks. More often than usual, the bride and her family are usually caught with the famous pre-wedding jitters which are totally a normal part of getting married but they’re still enough to make anyone panic.

Despite the fact that most people have them, they make you start thinking about the big questions: Have I made a mistake? Am I ready? Is everything done enough for my big day? There is no doubt that you and your family want everything to be perfect for your special day, which results in having the best people around, who know what to do and how it’s done.

So, we came across a list of a few amazing ‘affordable’makeup artists in Karachi on a group called Desi Wedding Diaries on Facebook and we’re so glad that we did! I mean, what more would you want when you’re saving thousands of rupees?! Oh, and you can totally save the remaining amount for… maybe your honeymoon? *winks*

So, let’s begin, shall we?

1.  Ireen Khan – Defence, Karachi

2. Zara Imtiaz – Defence, Karachi

3. Kiran Khan – Defence, Karachi

4. Qirat Baber – Defence, Karachi

5. Pareesa Kehar – Clifton, Karachi

6. Amna Farhad –

7. Sara Salon & Spa – Clifton, Karachi

8. Zubair at Sabs – Tipu Sultan, Karachi

9. Qadir at Sabs – Defence, Karachi

10. Sana Sarah’s Salon – Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi

11. Rija Bakhtiar – Defence, Karachi

12. Nida Khan – Home Service

As much as there is pressure nowadays for the bride to be ready with utmost perfection, take a breath, take a break and have a look through this list of makeup artist so you can stay panic free for at least one of the to-do things. All these makeup artists are the best of the best and they not only have a light touch to your skin but they also have a light touch to your wallet. So give these a try and you won’t be disappointed. It recently is all about how much you spend in a marriage ceremony but it doesn’t have to become a trend, you can save up lots and actually put it on further bigger investments or save up for a trip later on! Relax and go big!

Who’s your favorite affordable makeup artist? Let us know in the comments below. Oh, and you can thank us and Desi Wedding Diaries, later (once you save thousands of rupees)! Now, all you have to do is, call these Mua’s up and get your rates as per your services. Happy finding your favorite MUA!

Disclaimer: The order of the list has no significance to the work of the makeup artist or their prices.

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