This Couple Got Engaged After Meeting Online While Playing PUBG Aur Ab Tou Dulhan Pochinki Main Hi Milegi


PUBG has taken the youth all over the world by storm and it has to be one of the latest addictions to have affected us, really really badly. Parents, if you see your child late night, holding his phone in both hands with his earphones on and saying “Pochinki chalo!” ,  there is nothing to worry about, your little man is going to war support him. But there has been a twist in the tale as this story uncovers, he might just also bring a “bahu” for you guys like this guy from Egypt did. Nourhan Al-Hashish found his soulmate after meeting her for the first while playing PUBG. Isn’t that sweet.

Started from PUBG and now we’re here.

Nourhan posted pictures with his fiance with the caption stating that they met through the addictive battle royale game, PUBG. Now PUBG allows you to play solo or in a squad and if you’re lucky enough, with your future husband or wife too. This news shook the twitter world and well, we all are hoping to find our soulmates too now, in Pochinki, Bootcamp or perhaps in the snow-covered mountains of Vikendi.

The couple!

Wedding menu: Chicken dinner.

The wedding menu has already been decided and it will be a disrespect to PUBG and all the lovers if they don’t have the winner chicken dinner. Not only the wedding day, but they should also have it every day till the rest of their lives.

Some people had their own concerns.

Girls, we know that there are some insecurities in every relationship and this might just give it a little more push. But don’t worry you can always stop your boyfriend from finding his soulmate in PUBG by PLAYING WITH HIM! Yes that’s the only solution. Couples who play PUBG together stay together, forever.

PUBG the new Tinder?

Well, seeing this news, it might not be wrong to say that yes single people might have some hope here finding a partner. So boys and girls delete Tinder and install PUBG and you might just get lucky someday just like this couple from Egypt did.

source: laughing colors

So, this sounds good but please don’t sacrifice your life to PUBG as the World Health Organization (WHO) has added gaming disorder to the addictive disorders section in June 2018. And nobody likes addicts, addiction is not cool. But if your parents catch you playing PUBG and taunt you saying do something with your life and get married or whatever, at least you can say “Abbu koshish kar raha hoon..”.

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