Sarwat Gillani has a Strong Message for those who give Unsolicited Advice to Married Women!


There is a problem with the society. The problem of making every other person’s business their own business. The problem of not paying attention to their own situations, but poking their noses in everybody else’s business. You will often see the locals ‘schooling’ the public figures on different aspects, such as what they should wear, what they shouldn’t and the list goes on and on.

While these public figures may have their lives displayed in such way, everyone deserves privacy like normal beings. However, people believe they have the right to comment on everything that goes in their lives.

Similar to this is what Pakistani actress Sarwat Gillani talked about. Remember how once Sarwat was schooled for doing a “bold” photo shoot during her pregnancy?

In Case You Forgot…

While the actress slayed the shoot, the locals schooled her for being too open about her pregnancy. The shoot, however, was later taken down.

The actress recently gave birth to another gorgeous human being, a baby boy!

IG: Sarwatg

However though, seems like people have been poking their noses in the matters of the star couple’s private lives now. Sarwat made this post on her Facebook account recently and surely summarizes everything that goes in the mindset of the society.

Why is it anyone’s business to comment on how many children should I have? Why is it anyone’s concern how late or soon should I have them and funnily enough why is it always men who have such lame concerns? My fertility is certainly not your problem nor an excuse to have a conversation or make a joke. Don’t misunderstand my politeness for weakness! You all know who you are! Get a book on how to converse with a lady who already keeps you at a distance or next time you shall be tagged!

There are moments when even the public figures have given enough and why shouldn’t they? They are humans after all with all the right to express their words, their sentiments. However, that does not give the locals the right to poke their noses and comment on their private lives.

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