You Need To Know The Amazing Story Of This Pakistani Girl Who Got Married In 1 Week


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My name is Zaira Shaukat and I got married in a week. Like literally we had 5 days to get done with all the “tayari“. It was a small wedding. But it was a Pakistani wedding. With buying gifts for in-laws and buying everything else for myself. I am attaching a few pictures and videos I took over that week. Of course, I couldn’t take a bunch of them because I did not a second to spare. It was a 12-hour shopping spree for 5 days.

The wedding had its pros and cons. BIGGEST CON, I DIDN’T HAVE A WEDDING CARD. It was my dream to design one. As for me and my husband, both are graphic designers. I had really cute ideas. But anyway. BIGGEST PRO, I am with the love of my life and we are happy as hell.

Another pro, I see my friends being so confused about their wedding dresses and venues and what not. But you see, I didn’t have time, so I took whatever I got. And people said I have never looked so pretty. We made a great couple on both the baraat and valima. We pulled it off so well that no one could tell that ALL OF IT was planned in a week.

Of course, the envious “rishtaydar” said that we are lying and the wedding planning is happening since months. I took that as a compliment because it was all so perfect. I would say if you can keep your shopping to the point, it wouldn’t take more than a week then. It is definitely the best thing to do and only matters who you are marrying. It is a funny story, But it’s the best story of our lives. Hope you enjoyed reading it.

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