If You’re a Girl With Only ‘Chaar Baal’, Then You’ll Understand These Struggles


Being born and brought up in a Pakistani household brings a lot of totkas and mashwaray while growing up. And sadly, if you’re overweight, skinny, or have thin hair, and don’t take the responsibility of taking care of the issues, brace yourself for ‘taanas’ uthte bethte…  Even if it is not THAT big of an issue, it will be, if you have relatives around you!

Are these the things you have to face?

1. Your weekly hair care routine comprises of spending hours on applying oil, yogurt, and eggs – just because your Dadi said so…

Source: The Londoner

2. Forget about straightening them, they will get greasier, faster than a blink of an eye!

Source: Buzzfeed

3. Your hair looks oily just after a day of washing them

Source: Vegan Needs

4. Multiple attempts on making a hair bun have always failed

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5. Watching shampoo ads just make you envious of those who have beautiful, thick hair

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6. Experiencing extreme frizz and static on changing weather

Source: My Static Guard

7. Checking out all the latest hairstyling trends. Sadly, you can just drool over them

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8. Tolerating the ‘muft k totkay’ from every other auntie on how to make your baal ‘ghanay’

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9. You’ll never know the feeling of sporting a sleek ponytail

Source: Her Campus

10. Researching on products online that may make your hair look thick and voluminous, which are expensive AF

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11. But to your dismay, you can’t find a single, affordable product

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“My hair is like… I have none.” —The legendary Miss Britney Spears.


Nevertheless, you can still do a lot with your hair and it is manageable, unlike those who have thick hair. Imagine the amount of shampoo they use? Imagine the time it takes them to wash their hair.

Now how does that make you feel? Better? I bet! Have a few more struggles to share with us? Share with us! Also, tag your friends you have super thin hair and struggle on daily basis! Hehehe…

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