This Couple Took On Patriarchal Stereotypes Of Pakistan In The Most Creative Way And It’s Super Hilarious!

While people on social media often debate on how patriarchy is affecting women all over the worlds, there are a handful of those who make continuous efforts in showing how deeply rooted this social dilemma is, especially in countries such as Pakistan. We have gotten so used to the actions and consequences of patriarchy that distinguishing how it is shunning women from their basic freedom seems like an alien concept to many.

To fight patriarchy, while women need to support each other, it is essential to know that co-existing is the key fight the evil; men need to use their power in a manner that helps us beat patriarchy.

To us, it seems like this couple is doing just about the same as mentioned earlier.

Meet The Mewly Weds – An Awesome Couple Who Took a Jab At Patriarchy In a Cool Manner!

You know how some men always talk about how women need to stay in confide places so that people don’t see them or cause any harm to them? This couple took a jab at this concept in the following manner:

This is my husband. I took him out to dinner last night. Although I prefer he stay at home as the world is a bad place, it is ok when he goes out with me. I love how he modestly hides himself, as he is khuli tijori. Also I let him work and drive cuz equality. Where’s my medal?

This post by the Mewly Weds was ADORED by everyone on social media.

Reading this Post, We Got In Touch with the Couple And Here’s What They Shared With Us:

“The way patriarchal practices and mindsets plague the society is a secret nomore. The moment you treat a man the same way your women have been treated for the past thousands of years, they’ll call it oppression. Being a married couple enables us to explore further how the society discriminates between– against, rather– different genders. The best way, in our opinion, is to become a mirror. Show the society what it’s doing, and how it affects everyone. An even better approach is to turn the tables. Show them a parallel universe. Let them imagine the rest. Revolution is not brought without havoc and unrest, as that’s what acts as a change catalyst. We’re merely acting as the thunderbolt our society is in dire need of.”

This is what we need; people addressing the concerns that we think mean nothing without realizing the impact it has on those who are really oppressed.

We need more people like the Mewly Weds! God bless you two, Ameen.