10 Charming Things Your Crush Would Love To Hear


10 Charming Things Your Crush Would Love To Hear


A crush. All of us have had one before. It’s the kind of situation where you usually don’t know much about the person. Oh, but you’d certainly like to. The adrenaline rush you get when your crush passes by you while you cannot summon your courage to say just how exactly you feel. Oh, and the anticipation that you feel when you can’t see them, longing for that moment that you can catch a few minutes of that much-needed eye contact with them; that eye contact which lets you know that you really do have a chance with them.

Expressing yourself can be difficult, considering how nervous you’d feel if you were about to tell your crush that you like them. There’s also the risk of not having your feelings reciprocated. We all go through those things, especially if the person we like isn’t meant for us.

Ditch all the pickup lines you may have heard. Why not try something sincere and packed full of passion like these cute lines we’ve picked out?

1. Why do you look amazing every day?


2. You know how to make me blush… LOL
3. Want to play a texting game?


4. No, I’m listening. Sorry. Your eyes are so distracting.

5. Fawad Khan? He’s alright, I guess. You’re better, though.


6. Yeah, that kind of movie actually freaks me out. Let’s go together!


7. You made my day. Seriously.


8. Can we stop and appreciate how much you care about people around you?


9. I’m going out for coffee with a few friends. Join us if you are free.

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10. I haven’t had a crush since I was little. Well, except for now.

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Now, that you know how to think of cute things to say to your crush, what will you say? Surely, you have to say something! There are times when you hit the moment just perfectly and there presents a small, open window of opportunity to ask your crush out.

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