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MunizaNovember 11, 2019

Viral KFC Proposal Led To The Couple Getting A Dream Wedding!

Love is in the moments and when shared with the right person, everything else becomes dull and minute. This is the ...

Danial. ANovember 11, 2019

Woman Started Protesting After Getting Deported From Islamabad Airport!

No matter how often one travels, airports always hold a frightening stance because of the rushy checkpoints and strict rules. ...

MunizaNovember 8, 2019

Amina Foundation In Karachi Helps Young Qauser With Her Education!

Education has become a luxury that is inaccessible for children born into poverty in Pakistan. Most of them, bright and ...

Danial. ANovember 7, 2019

Singer Rabi Pirzada To Soon Perform Umrah After Leaving Showbiz!

Since the evolution of the internet, it has become difficult for humans, especially celebrities, to stay away from the ‘criticism’ ...

MunizaNovember 7, 2019

Emma Watson Declares Being ‘Self-Partnered’ On Turning 30 Soon!

Life is quite tough already but then humans went ahead and made a rule book that dictates what should be ...

AribaNovember 7, 2019

People Are Assuming That Mawra Hocane And Afzal Leghari Could Be Dating!

Well, well. Looks like we can be expecting another good news pretty soon. When it comes to the Pakistani showbiz ...

MunizaNovember 7, 2019

Jemima Claps Back At ‘WikiLeaks’ Claims Made By JUIF Leader!

The political scenario in Pakistan is equivalent to that of a live comedy show where you find leaders of various ...

Cogito Ergo SumNovember 7, 2019

Mahira Khan Named As UNHCR’s Goodwill Ambassador For Pakistan

The queen of Pakistan’s entertainment industry has once again been crowned internationally. This time, Mahira Khan has been named as ...

MunizaNovember 5, 2019

Bangladesh Is The 1st Muslim Country To Compete In Miss Universe 2019!

Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss America so on and so forth; these beauty pageants have a history. Of course, the ...

Danial. ANovember 5, 2019

Actress Iffat Omar Records Testimony In Favor Of Meesha Shafi!

Since the #MeToo movement emerged in Pakistan, many harassment cases have come to the public forum. Among other similar cases ...

AribaNovember 5, 2019

6 Unforgettable Things Only Your Ex Can Teach You!

Breakups are painful and there’s no doubt about it. They tend to hurt real bad and are just awful. A ...

Danial. ANovember 4, 2019

Rabi Pirzada Says Goodbye To Showbiz Following The Leaked Pictures!

Being a well-known public figure and an active social media user sometimes doesn’t favor the odds. Time to time, the ...

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