7 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Don’t Work


The thing starts out great, you guys connect with each other, end up falling in love. Everything is perfect, life could not be any better, you feel like there’s nothing you can’t do or achieve together and nothing could break the bond, then comes the big test, the long-distance test, you and your bae (really not like saying that, what even is bae, why?) are about to be thousands of miles apart, you kind of have some fear of what if it might not work, but you love that person too much and you are determined to make it work and be the couple who made it with that same burning chemistry.

Believe it or not, here are 7 reasons that long-distance relationship sucks. They actually suck the life out of you. Why? Because it is just too much to take.

Without Further Ado, Here are Your 10 Points:

1. You Rarely Get to See Your Partner

A relationship is all about spending time with someone you love – hanging out with them, exploring new things with them. But in a long distance relationship, you are spending them with everyone, except for the one you should be spending with.

2. Trust Becomes an Issue

Anybody can say they are trustworthy, but what matters is their actions. And how can you see someone’s actions when you see them what, twice every year?

3. Traveling Becomes More Like a Burden

You have your life, they have their life. Putting it on hold for a weekend to see your partner off and on for the sake of it becomes a burden not many wish to have in their lives.

4. It Often Leads to Cheating

The humans find it as an excuse, their loneliness, their depression and they blame it on their long-distance relationship partners. They find themselves being involved with someone else and before you know, it is too late.

If one cannot handle the miles, better not to get in this huge responsibility anyway.

5. Giving Time to Your Partner Becomes Difficult

The closest you can ever get to your partner is through video calls. Because you both are so involved in your lives after some time, you wouldn’t wish to video call one another either. Sometimes you are with your friends, sometimes he is with his.

6. They Won’t Be There for You When You Need Them the Most

A relationship is about being there for someone you have committed to, right? So what really is the point when they are not there to help you out or listen to you when you are going through hell?

All of these reasons and various more account to why long distance relationships are a pain in the ass. It definitely requires the extra efforts of two involved individuals and if otherwise, you are just not there.


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