Boy Bahawalpur Took Teacher's Life

A 17-Years-Old Boy From Bahawalpur Took A Teacher’s Life After She Rejected His Marriage Proposal!


In such a short period of time, the civilian protection rights in Pakistan are being compromised massively. Witnessing the widely escalating situations from the hands of law enforcing agencies, the increase in violence is serving as a trauma for the masses. Every now and then, the mainstream media gets filled with barbaric events that shake many to the bone.

A young boy slayed a teacher in Bahawalpur over the rejection of a marriage proposal!

Among other illegalities barricading the country from progression, egoistic grudges within have landed many into the eternal grave. Every dawn of the day brings up a new issue to deal with and social platforms are fined with related evidence. In August, a man was allegedly downed by his girlfriend in Karachi after he refused to marry her. Relatably, in recent news, Muawiyah, a 17-years-old boy took a teacher’s life after physically ill-using her in Bahawalpur and the digital awaam is in deep shock.

This is the teacher who was taken down by her 17-years-old neighbor!


According to the gathered information, the young boy wanted to marry Farwa, who was a teacher by profession and were neighbors too. The boy, Muawaiyah often used to threaten Farwa into marrying him and he couldn’t hold himself after getting a final ‘no’ from Farwa. The 17-years-old kidnapped her, carnally misused her and then cruelly executed her by stabbing sharp knives.

The culprit was arrested by Bahawalpur’s local police!

Since the case along with pictures came out, a justice parade for the deceased is demanded. The local police of the city started interrogating further and soon reached the culprit, Muawiyah and handcuffed him. Currently, the perpetrator is behind bars and has accepted his crime but the question that arises is when will Pakistanis start feeling safe and secure? Earlier this year, in July, a husband in Multan killed his wife and 9 in-laws after suspecting her for cheating and as usual, justice didn’t show up.

Muawiyah the culprit (left), pictured with a police official after being arrested!


Specifically, the describing numbers of similar cases have is seeking height in a flashing manner. The increased level of desperation and frustration in like-minded individuals is a vivid picture of how disastrous the young generation has become. The existing concerned authorities need to implement some strict strategies against such criminal-minded individuals or else this country will become hell for the citizens.

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