4 Bizarre Fatwas Given By Scholars On Having Intercourse While Fasting

Being a Muslim, we know the importance of fatwas (a ruling based on Islamic principles and endorsed by authentic authorities). But from the last couple of years, we have seen a wide range of astonishing fatwas issued for the most ridiculous reasons. Note that a fatwa is a ruling, not a law!

Here we have compiled some bizarre and weirdest fatwas related to sexual intercourse during the holy month of Ramadan while one is fasting.

1. What To Do While Hearing The Azaan And Having Sex?

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When the man hears the Azan while having sex with his wife, he does not have to stop copulating. He should rather continue until he finishes as he does normally. Then he should make Ghusl and head for the mosque. If he can join the congregation before it ends, that is good; otherwise, he prays with his wife and children. This is so because interrupting sex can be hurtful for the wife. It may also cause him to be busy while praying thinking about the act he interrupted.

Ref. Dr. ‘Abdullaah Al-Faqeeh, Saudia Arabia

2. Masturbation Doesn’t Break Fast

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According to the followers of the Hanafi School of Fiqh, masturbation does not break the fast if no ejaculation occurs; however if someone masturbates while fasting and this ejaculates sperm (or sexual vaginal secretions in the case of women), his or her fasting is broken and he or she has to make up for that day.

Ref. Egyptian Encyclopedia of Fatwas

3. If A Person Has An Orgasm, It Doesn’t Break Fast

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If a person has an orgasm because of looking or thinking about the sexual area of a female, it does not break the fast, even if one stared or thought about it for a while. And the reason fasting is not void is that there is no intercourse and not even a picture or form resembling it.

Ref. At-Tirmidhi and Darqutani. Az-Zayla’i, Vol 2, 446

4. Kissing Or Hugging Won’t Break Your Fast

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Kissing and caressing while fasting is disliked if one is not sure of himself about having an orgasm or sexual intercourse as a result of such acts, and this is the evident view on the matter. If however, one is in control and sure that these things will not result in an orgasm or intercourse, then it is permitted. If someone would kiss or caress another with lust and an emission results, the fast will break.

Ref. Shaikul Hadeeth Mufti Umar Farooq Sahib

Keep in mind that these fatwas maybe the learned opinion of a specific Islamic scholar or not assured by the other faithful clerics of Islam.

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