Lahore sexual harassment

A Young Boy In Lahore Started Touching Himself In Front Of This Girl In Public!


Lahore’s reputation has been stained by the many stories of gross sexual harassment faced by women there on a daily basis. It’s an epidemic that has affected the Punjab province largely, where, from girls to minor kids are subjected to sexual abuse, torture, harassment, and even rape.

The men have become animals with absolutely no control over their unholy desires, targetting women on streets and basically at every chance they get.

Lahore Harassment
Via Twitter/Zoya Ayaz

Another story has emerged where a woman passing by was approached by a man who was pleasuring himself under broad daylight. Upon seeing the girl, while still engaged in the activity, he walked towards her and started harassing her. Previously, a similar incident was recorded by another girl in Lahore where the man in question was arrested and turned out to be a regular offender.

The victim managed to make a quick video exposing the offender.

The incident took place at a pedestrian bridge located in Abu Bakar Block, New Garden Town, Lahore. According to the girl who took it to Twitter explains that she was paralyzed with horror as he continued to masturbate, blocking her way.

Lahori Harassing Woman
Via Twitter/Zoya Ayaz

This is indeed a scarring and horrific experience for women who are subjected to such absurdity on a daily basis outside their homes. These scums have broken moral compasses and would harass anyone as long as its a female; regardless of her clothing.

The video shows a flustered yet shameless man who later attacks her.

So on top of ruining her day by sexually offending her, he tried to physically assault her by attacking her for recording him.

It was very brave of her to have the courage to stay in that situation to capture his face in order to expose him on social media. Since social platforms have become powerful enough to serve swift justice as it did previously, considering the traditional channels have failed the women of Pakistan.

However, Pakistan’s toxic society never fails to blame the victims. The comments underneath the video remind us of the disgusting patriarchy and misogyny that prevails; always considering women to be at fault and justifying the men’s follies. Unfortunately, this shamelessness and vulgarity is a personal issue that cannot be corrected by any state law, prevented, yes.

Maybe we can send in a suggestion to the Prime Minister to include men abusing women and Islam’s ruling on such men as one of the topics of discussion on the anti-Islamophobia TV channel.

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