Indians Are Making This Photo Of Abhinandan Showing A 'Middle-Finger' Go Viral But Here's What They're Hiding -

Indians Are Making This Photo Of Abhinandan Showing A ‘Middle-Finger’ Go Viral But Here’s What They’re Hiding!


There is no surprise on the coverage IAF pilot Abhinandan is getting since the Pakistani army managed to capture him. In case you’ve been living under the rock, Wing Commander Abhinandan narrates his capture by Pakistanis in the following way:

It Is Quite Clear that the Pakistani Army Has Treated Abhinandan With Utmost Respect

In the two videos shared with media, it has been shown that no brutal acts were conducted on Abhinandan; in fact, he has been seen sipping tea, talking in peace and whatnot. The entire idea of doing this peacefully, according to Prime Minister Imran Khan, is to give a message of peace to India.

“People chased me, their emotions were running high. Just then, two Pakistani Army officials came and saved me. Pakistani army captains saved from the people and did not let anything happen to me. They took me to their unit where I was administered first aid and then I was taken to the hospital where I further underwent a medical exam and received more aid,” Abhinandan added further to his statement.

However, Everyone Feared that When Abhinandan Goes Back to India, He May Change his Statements

We have seen how the Indian celebrities are reacting to this entire fiasco currently and it won’t be a surprising act to see if Abhinandan changes his statement to please the extremist parties in India.

Seems About Right

Source: twitter


However, He Did Say That He Will Not Change his Statement Once He is In India

But politics is an entire different ball game and nothing sane can be expected, especially when there’s so much negativity present in it.

Which Is Why This Picture of Abhinandan Is Getting A Lot of Attention On Social Media

Given how the Indian media has the habit of twisting tales and words for their own pleasure, this picture is plastered on social media, where Abhinandan is showing a middle finger while holding a glass of beer. However, if you analyze this, the IAF pilot suffered from an injury during the ejection, which is absent in this picture.

Notice Abhinandan’s swollen eye and face – not present in the viral picture

Abhinandan’s wearing different clothes in both pictures

The second clause is, that in the picture, Abhinandan is wearing a black coat with blue jeans, while the Pakistan Army handed him over wearing a blue coat and khaki pants.

So yeah, this picture in which Abhinandan is showing a middle finger seems pretty old. On the other hand, no statement has been shared so far since Pakistan released him to the Indian borders.

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