AC Quetta Nida Kazmi Has Pissed Public Off After Insulting & Shaming Female MBBS Students!


AC Quetta Nida Kazmi

AC Quetta Nida Kazmi Has Pissed Public Off After Insulting & Shaming Female MBBS Students!


While the criminal activities have surrounded the country from every side and the culprits are on the loose, the policing criteria seem to be losing its credibility among the masses. The corrupt conscience and rude behavior of the country police towards the citizens need to be set right by the higher authorities in order to maintain peace within. In this virtual era, very often, video of police official shaming some local is seen gathering eyeballs and this time, AC of Quetta is being called out for her aggressive behavior towards university students.

AC Quetta misused her legal powers in a university hostel!

While it seems that the police department has no respect and honor left for the duty, from time to time, social media is filled with criticism for some police officer and becomes the trending topic for the day. Last month, video of a Punjab police officer disrespecting an elderly woman went instantly viral on the internet and Pakistanis were extremely pissed. This time around, it’s Quetta’s Assistant Commissioner (AC) Nida Kazmi being severely criticized by the Pakistani awaam after she was seen insulting female medical students using foul language.

This Twitter user posted the audio in which AC Nida Kazmi can be heard yelling at MBBS students!

The incident took place in the female hostel of Bolan University of Medical and Health Sciences located in Quetta. In the clip, it is evident that AC Quetta Nida Kazmi is trying to stay dominant over the female students and misuse her state-provided powers. Show of the authoritative post can also be witnessed in the clip by the police official. Since the audio got on the internet, a wave of hate speech and critical criticism is seen on social media by Pakistanis and the hashtag #SaySorryToBMCDoctors became the trending topic on Twitter.

“Truly condemnable and utterly disgusting indeed!”

This Twitter user expressed her concerns over the political influence over education in Balochistan!

People ain’t accepting any apologies from AC Nida Kazmi!

“Strongly condemnable!”

“Jo khandani raees hain wo naram rakhtay hain mizaj apna,
Tumhara lehja bata raha hai tumhari daulat nayi nayi hai,
Zara sa qudrat ne kia nawaza ke aa ke bethay ho pehli saff main,
Abhi se urnay lagay hawa main abhi tou shohrat nayi nayi hai!”

Well, the people of Balochistan seem to be extremely angry about the indecent act of Assistant Commissioner Nida Kazmi. As per reports, the BMC university students are on a protest against the wrong show of authority by Nida Kazmi. Cases like these are just another ugly addition to the police injustice list and similarly, last month, Punjab police allegedly beat a man and then left him for dead at a hospital in the Gojra area. The pouring in of such illegal use of power is alarming and the incumbent government should take stern action against it.

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