Advocate Rana Tabish Ali Caught Beating An Innocent Student in Sialkot and People Are Demanding Justice


Everything can go viral on social media these days and there is no turning back from it. In the past, we have seen thieves being arrested for their crimes only because they were caught with the use of a viral CCTV footage. This applies in the case of Pakistan as well as the news, video or images going viral were taken in account and action was taken immediately. Despite so, there are people in this world who fear no one and continue doing what they do without any fear.

Similar can be said in the case of this new viral video on social media. Two men started beating an innocent man brutally in Sialkot.

Advocate Rana Tabish Ali Seen Beating a Young Student in this CCTV Footage

سیالکوٹ میں ایک غریب طالبعلم پہ دیکھیں کس قدر ظلم کیا گیا۔ میرے بھائی کو ان ظالموں نے کس طرح تشدد کا نشانہ بنایا


کیا اس کو انصاف مل سکے گا؟ وڈیو کے آخری سیکنڈ میں دیکھیں کیسے ان ظالموں نے اسلحہ

The student was reversing his bike when it accidentally crashed with Rana Tabish’s car. While it was not a huge crash, Rana Tabish along with another man from the car got out and started brutally beating the student without the fear of being caught. All of this was done in public on the streets of Sialkot.

Here’s the CCTV footage:

Instantly, Users on Social Media Identified the Man as Rana Tabish Ali

In the end of the video you can also see that they drew out a gun and could have possibly used on the young student. All for what?

It is extremely strange how such people live their lives untouched, without being held responsible for their actions. While the aggressive man Tabish Ali was caught on footage, we all know no action will be taken against him.

This is how it works in a country like ours where the rich and the mighty never pay for their actions. Do you think it will ever change?

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