Shocking! Afghan Guard Whips Female Students Outside Afghanistan University

It’s grieving and shocking whenever females beat over their rights. It’s not acceptable ethically, but who’s going to say anything about it in the 21st century again in Afghanistan beating women over their educational rights takes place.

Shocking footage went viral all over social media when female Afghan students are whipped by a Taliban official.

Source: Twitter

It’s heartbreaking to see them running away from such barbarians and couldn’t do anything for their legal right.

Afghan Students Beaten By Taliban Official

Ever since the Taliban captured Afghanistan things were not in their favor and women had to face hard times under the Taliban’s ruler.  Students were barred from entering their university campus because they were not wearing burkas.

Like who does that? The students at Badakhshan University in northeastern Afghanistan said they were beaten by Taliban officials from the Ministry of Virtue and Vice for wearing hijabs – headscarves – instead of burkas.

In a video, dozens of young bright women in front of the university gate and demanding the authority to open the gate. But unfortunately, things went out to other way and it can be seen that one of the Afghan guards running after students whipped and lashed them.

According to the Directorate of Vice and Virtue, proper attire for women in public is either a niqab – a veil covering the head and face but not the eyes – or a burka – a veil that covers the entire body and face, with a mesh window across the eyes.

Students Sharing Their Nightmare Incidents

Mursal, a student at Badakhshan University, told Alive in Afghanistan that she has witnessed women being turned away for not wearing the proper dress code.

Source: Twitter

Another student, Samia, told that ‘We were stopped on the way to university today and they even checked our fingernails. They wanted to slap a student for wearing nail polish, but the girl ran away. They called ahead to the next checkpoint to apprehend and punish her.’

In February, all the district universities in Afghanistan opened under the strict dress code and women are not willing to adapt to it.

When the Taliban took over the country, they also banned women from appearing on TV under their new media rules which means a new dress code that hides their faces.  

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