Here Are the Exclusive Pictures from Aisha Khan’s Wedding Festivities which You Can’t Miss!

The shadi season has taken the internet by storm and people can’t get enough of it. Well, who gets tired of looking at wedding photos?! The more the better. No? Believe it or not, this year should be named a “The Wedding Year”. Why? Because this year many big celebrities and social media influencers got married that too without giving any hint to the internet of their fan base.

Feroze Khan did the same, his wedding was a surprise to people. Well, Aisha Khan did the same but she gave people more surprises than any other. She posted on her face that she bid farewell to showbiz and will not continue to work and that is her conscious happy decision. Her fan base was hurt badly but respected her decision, later came her Instagram her photo with her fiance, where she announced her wedding and shocked everyone. While a Facebook page posted her wedding invite’s photo which made it sure that yes, she’s going to tie the knot soon. So, it’s happening!! Her wedding festivities have started and she’s looking GORGEOUS.

Her simple Mayoon look!

The evergreen beauty


Mery yar ki shadi hai!! Best friend goalss

Aisha the pretty!

People all over the internet loved the couple and the photos!

Same same!




Indeed she does!


Yes, that glow!!


How do you like the couple?? We love them!! Waiting for the wedding look and the dress. Wishing her all the luck in the world. May she be blessed and start the new journey of life. Have anything to add to the story? Add in the comments below to let us know. Cheers 😉

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