Amir Liaquat’s Daughter Breaks Her Painful Silence Over his Second Marriage and It Is Heartbreaking!


Dr. Amir Liaquat is all over social media and no, this time, it isn’t over something stupid or lame (or maybe both) he said, but because of his second marriage.

Married to his former co-worker, the nikkah took place months ago and the news broke out on the internet. The couple had kept their marriage under wraps but it couldn’t be contained for too long. Eventually, everything came out in public.

Amir Liaquat and His Second Wife Syeda Tuba Were Eventually BIG On their Public Display of Affection As Well

(To some extent, it was kinda gross too)

Tuba’s Tweet

While people were still getting used to the fact that a guy like Amir Liaquat could get married to someone so young and beautiful, then came the Valima pictures.

The Valima Was a Grand Affair With All the Close Friends and Family Members Involved

Except for the family of his own, the family he shares with his first wife. It seems that Amir Liaquat did not have the approval of his family in his second marriage. They did not make any comments, until recently.

With Amir Liaquat Not Even Remotely Trying to Respect the Feelings of his Family, Daughter Duaa Amir Could Not Remain Quiet For Long

In a tweet, she expressed the pain this affair has caused the family. She event called Tuba a ‘homewrecker’ and shared how the children are in deep pain and sorrow.

Another day, another tragedy. Ever since you hurt your family Sincerest prayers for you to recover And that too goes for the homewrecker Hoping Allah guides you to the right way Whilst your children wipe their tears away. Your devastated daughter in pain, Duaa Aamir.

Here’s the Tweet

It indeed is heartbreaking to see how the children are affected by this affair. Second marriage IS allowed in Islam, but is it so necessary that you break the hearts of your first wife and the children you have with her?

May Allah bless sabar to Duaa Amir and to the rest of the family, Ameen!

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