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Aaiza NaveedSeptember 6, 2023

Many Actresses Congratulate Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team

Pakistan’s women’s cricket team, rated seventh, stunned fifth-ranked South Africa in a critical match, winning the series 3-0. Not only ...

Alizeh AkbarAugust 10, 2023

‘Couple’s Patience Diminished’, Nida Yasir Shares Her Views On Rising Divorce Rate

Nida Yasir, one of the well-known figures, shared her views on the rising divorce rates in society. Her statement instantly ...

Alizeh AkbarMay 30, 2023

Viral Photoshoot Of Pakistani Tiktoker Shahtaj Khan Got Leaked

You all thought that Hareem Shah was dominating the internet with her controversies, but guess what a bold star has ...

Alizeh AkbarMay 23, 2023

Anoushey Ashraf Gives 10 Valuable Advice To Her Women Fans

Anoushey Ashraf is one of the celebrities in the industry who don’t care about people while standing for justice. Taking ...

Alizeh AkbarMay 3, 2023

Ayesha Omar & Kiran Malik Share The Reason Behind Divorce High Rate In Media Industry

Celebrities’ divorce rate increased over the past couple of years. We all have seen famous Pakistani celebrities getting divorced and ...

Alizeh AkbarApril 11, 2023

‘I Could Fix Him’, Ayesha Omar Shares Detail Of Her Abusive Relationship

Very few Pakistani actresses have made their way into the male-dominant entertainment industry and Ayesha Omar is one of them. ...

Alizeh AkbarMarch 27, 2023

Women Are Not Gold Diggers, Yashma Gill Spills Bitter Truth About Society Stereotypes

Yashma Gill in her recent podcast interview talked about the misconstrued society of women being stereotypes as gold diggers. In ...

Alizeh AkbarMarch 10, 2023

Kaam Pura Tou Ujrat Aadhi Kiun? Iffat Omar Raised Her Voice For ‘Equal Pay Right’ At Aurat March

This time’s Aurat March theme sounded differently and followed the country’s financial crises. Women asked for equality of pay rights, ...

Aaiza NaveedMarch 8, 2023

International Women’s Day 2023: The Inspiration Of Pakistani Actresses

8th March, International Women’s day marks a special day for women all over the world and remembers those who inspired ...

Alizeh AkbarMarch 2, 2023

Shame On All Of Us! Ushna Shah Deactivated Her Instagram After Being Brutally Trolled

Ushna Shah deactivated her Instagram account after the breakout of trolls by netizens on the most special day of her ...

Alizeh AkbarFebruary 27, 2023

Ushna Shah Ties Knot With Her Naino Wala Maharaja Hamza Amin

Wedding bells in the air, Pakistani actress Ushna Shah ties knot with her dream soul Hamza Amin in a daytime ...

Alizeh AkbarFebruary 21, 2023

‘Nepotism Is Essential To Get Lead Role’, Actress Mashal Khan Speaks On Nepotism

In the entertainment industry the word “Nepotism” revolves around too much and Actress Mashal Khan speaks on Nepotism bluntly. Khan, ...

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