An Alleged Woman From Pakistan Was Seen Performing Umrah In Ehram And Everyone Is Confused!


If you have ever performed Umrah/Hajj or have some basic knowledge about it, you’d know that Islam has set some certain parameters for it. Among these parameters, dress code is an important one. For both men and women, this certain dress code needs to be followed: women need to make sure that they are covered from head to toe, whereas men need to wear an Ehram.

Now This Summerizes How Males and Females Need to Dress While Performing Hajj/Umrah

So In the News That’s Going Viral On the Internet, A Woman Wore Ehram to Perform Umrah

Yup, as strange as it may sound, it actually happened. Allegedly, people are saying this woman is from Pakistan. She was seen around the Holy location wearing an ehram and surrounded by security and family as well.

Honestly, she seems confused herself as well.

Now People In the Comments Believe that He is A Man and From India

According to one comment, Saudi News confirmed that this man is from India.

On the other hand, given the people she is surrounded, it could also be said they might not be sure of the dress code as most of the times, people are not aware of certain things, especially when they are going there for the first time.

Finally, it is highly inappropriate for people to be filming this on their smartphones. Even while standing on the holiest places on the Earth, people cannot learn how to mind their own businesses and making things viral without the consent of others.

May Allah bless us all and take away our sins, Ameen.

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