Yikes! Here’s Why You Need To Wear Sunscreen Everyday!


A sunscreen or a sunblock is often compromised upon. Girls may invest hefty amounts in beauty or makeup products but may forget the basics. A good skincare routine is essential but starting with a sunscreen is the key. It’s been the Kardashian secret for years.

Sunblock VS Sunscreen

They are not the same product, although in general these terms are used interchangeably. It’s better to know the difference between the two for the purpose of use and your skin type. We are all acquainted with the rudimentary motive behind its usage; to protect from the UV rays of the sun.

A sunblock creates a layer on the skin that shields and reflects back the rays. It is thicker in consistency and may give a whitish look to the skin. While a sunscreen works chemically, it absorbs the rays and radiates it as heat. It has a lotion like consistency and very easy to apply.

Source: Yaletown Naturopathic Clinic

‘Sunscreen’ is a popular option for most people. An often asked question is that isn’t a moisturized face with layers of makeup enough to create a barrier from the harmful rays? NO, it’s not. Because these products do not contain the right ingredients to safe guard our skin! Some of the key ingredients are zinc oxide and titanium oxide and avobenzone. Hard to pronounce but highly effective!

Source: The Alternative Daily

A red alert ingredient is an oxybenzone. Although it’s reoccurring ingredient in many sunscreens but is, in fact, acts as a skin allergen. It penetrates into the skin causing hormonal, endocrine and adrenaline problems.

What is SPF?

Source: StyleCraze

The Sun Protection Factor donates the amount of time for which the sunscreen will protect your skin. It’s a simple math hack. Let’s say it takes 15 minutes for your skin to start burning, multiply 15 by the number of your SPF example 30; 30 x 15= 450 minutes. This means that your skin will stay protected for 7 and a half hour. A minimum of SPF 15 is recommended.

Long Lasting benefits!

1. Maintains the skin elasticity 

Source: Daily Mail

We all want to have the fluffy elastic skin. The reason why our skin bounces, is because it has elastin and collagen. But collagen with sun exposure begins to dimple and wrinkles appear.

2. Skin diseases

Source: Life of a Product Junkie

It guards our skin against skin diseases like skin cancer, dark spots, and sun burns. It also prevents the face, especially from looking red and fiery.

3. Say hello to flawless skin

Source: Uptowngirl Fashion Magazine

Sunscreen is a must for acne prone skin. Sun’s heat dilates our pores making them clogged which results in breakouts.

It’s true that people of color tend to wrinkle less because their skin has more melanin that does not easily burn. Fairer people are at a higher risk.


It’s never too early to start wearing a sunscreen. And it’s important to wear it at least 15 to 20 minutes before you step outside. Lather your face, neck, behind your ears and every part of the skin that is exposed. Wear it in winters as well. Although there isn’t a blatant sun on our heads, yet the UV rays find their way to haunt us.

So girls, ALWAYS start with a sunscreen!

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