Armeena Khan Expressed Her Thoughts On Young Girls Doing Makeup And She Makes So Much Sense!


Makeup for some can be a serious addiction. The latest trends, makeup products, and celebrity endorsements have taken over social media like a storm and young girls have now started to jump on the bandwagon.

In Pakistan, girls in their early teens are usually asked not to even go near makeup but the west thinks otherwise…

Speaking of which, famous TV star, Armeena Khan came across young girls doing makeup tutorials and here’s how she expressed her thoughts…

Just scrolled through tons and tons of makeup “tutorials” on Instagram. I’m shocked at the 13 year olds teaching me on how to conceal ??. Man, my mom didn’t let me wear makeup till I was 19! The only makeup I had was mud and grass (on my face) from wrecking my mums garden

Many agreed with her


Kahan gayi natural beauty, bhai?

And then there was this one guy…

Aur aik ye sahab bhi…

How many of you have actually heard this from your mother:  “Beta, ye makeup wakeup shaadi ke baad karna..”

We know that times have changed and a majority of the girls love makeup and enhancing their beauty. Parents of young girls can speak to their daughters and teach them what’s right and wrong and talk to them about age appropriate things.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it is okay for young teenagers to cake up their faces? Let us know in the comments.

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