The Beautiful Message Of “Barhenge Saath” By Sunridge Foods Is Bringing Everyone Close Together!


The Beautiful Message Of “Barhenge Saath” By Sunridge Foods Is Bringing Everyone Close Together!


Ramadan is a month that encourages you for good deeds, it’s a month that lightens up your life, opens your heart and fills it with all the blessings. The latest Ramadan Campaign of Sunridge Foods highlighted a great message and encouraged the people for equality among each other. The amazing concept “Barhenge Saath” of Sunridge Foods make the people fell in love with their new DVC and the positive responses of the people helped to make the campaign successful.

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This Ramadan DVC perfectly summaries the core values and the basic learning of Islam capitalizing on a Hadith ‘Love for others what you love for yourself’. The two innocent and pure hearts who treat everyone equally for them every one is same and there is no class difference they became the reason of bringing the two families close and erase the boundaries of class difference and bonds both the families together.

People shared their thoughts that what “Barhenge Saath” is for them and what good deeds they usually do in the month of Ramadan. We all should follow the amazing message of Barhenge Saath and treat people equally.

Here’s what #BarhengeSaath means to them.

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Yes, indeed

Goosebumps alright!



I know right…

This Ramadan, let’s hold the hands together and erase all the boundaries between people and grow together with Sunridge Foods.

Sunridge Foods started its operation in 2015 from Port Qasim Karachi. They launched their first product in 2017 by the name of Sunridge Chakki Atta. Sunridge Foods identified that wheat flour is a very important part of daily meals and it fulfills a major part of our nutritional needs.
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