These Two Pakistani 'Burger' Bajis Were Caught In A Cat Fight And It's The Most Hilarious Fight Of 2019!


These Two Pakistani ‘Burger’ Bajis Were Caught In A Cat Fight And It’s The Most Hilarious Fight Of 2019!


One step guide on how to embarrass yourself- Publicly fight like a jangli and that is it. Something similar happened recently when one woman is seen entering the premises of what looks like the porch of a restaurant or cafe and it seems like they were exchanging some heated words back and forth already that just escalated quickly when one of the two girls sitting stood up and starting throwing whatever her hands could grab at the other woman. One of them tried to simmer things down but it didn’t work and what follows next was shocking! The two started cursing each other out like there is no tomorrow.

This Video Is Going Viral And You May Need To Attach Earphones If You Are Not Alone

پاکستانی برگروں کی لڑائی

Posted by on Saturday, May 4, 2019

This burger fight got too cold too soon and you know the drill, someone sneakily records the entire show, uploads and it becomes sasti entertainment for everyone. We have absolutely no clue of why is this happening but the reactions to this video are also entertainment in itself.

Chicken Cheese? Full Anda? Whatever that means, lol.

Cancer? Ouch!


True that! She did sound very excited.

Impressive transition, Haha!

Honestly, everyone should be a little careful when they are out and about because cameray ki ankh hamesha dekh rahi hoti hai. It’s better to sort things out closed doors then make a ruckus outside and get caught by several cameras; you know it is going on the internet and what goes on there, stays there. So before your video is being shared by everyone on their social media pages, Facebook and WhatsApp- Take caution and behave! This message is brought to you by the drag-it group.

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