Be Amazed! Here’s How Ice Can Help Reduce Your Fat


We all have some amount of stubborn fat in our body that needs to get out asap but for no matter how many times you hit the gym and eat those unappetizing salads, it doesn’t seem to have any effects. We know you’ve tried a multitude of diets, protein shakes, tea, matcha powders and supplements to get rid of it.

What if the solution to fat reduction was lying in your very own house? Better yet, what if the answer is something you use on an everyday basis and it’s 100% organic and FREE!? Shocked, eh? Guess they were right when they said that the answer to mysteries lies in plain sight. It is commonly believed that you can not spot reduce fat. Meaning, if you want to lose weight (read: fat) you have to lose it all over. Targeting a specific area like your back or stomach to reduce fat isn’t possible. We’re here to break that myth!

The Ideology

Researchers at Harvard University made an observation that kids who consumed popsicles had dimples on their cheeks. This observation lead to the conclusion that the popsicle’s icey coldness affected little fat pockets in the children’s face and aided in eliminating it. The fact that cold can help in safely removing fat deposits without damaging or disturbing the rest of the tissues was the idea behind Cryolipolysis which is what CoolSculpting is based on.

Popsicles Freeze Fat Cells--Procedure Origin


CoolScultping: What Is it?

This scientific procedure is a non-invasive and non-surgical method to gently and precisely spot target fat deposits or fat cells and freezes them through a safe device. Fat cells can’t seem to survive in extreme cold, as a result they die. Similarily, when the device freezes (crystallizes) the fat cells, they die. Now, the question is where do they go when they’re dead? Your body treats these fat cells like how you process food, the cells are naturally flushed out  through the elimination process (Ah, the wonders of taking a dump). Because the fat cells are not present in the body, the results are long term. Other body parts aren’t affected by this procedure, only the targeted areas are treated. Not only this, but it is said (allegedly) that exercising and going to the gym reduces the size of fat cells, but the quantity isn’t affected. However, CoolSculpting claims to reduce the size and quantity of fat cells by 20-25%.


How can you replicate this at home?

Well, since this process involves ice and only ice, how about you go grab one from the freezer and try applying it to your problem areas? However, there are a few risks involved, frost bite is the most common outcome. Skin burning can be easily caused, please be incredibly careful while doing this on yourself, the things that could go wrong are endless. Don’t dump the entire cube tray on your tummy and expect to walk Victoria’s Secret runway the next day. This might take a long time to achieve; if done at home. If your skin feels too cold and you’re not comfortable then remove the ice ASAP and massage the area with your hands to get the targeted area to normal room/body temperature.


This article is only for educational purposes and to make the public aware of non-surgical procedures. In case of any mishap, the author and firm refuse to take any responsibility. Do your own research and figure out if it’s worth it or not. Try it at your own risk.

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