Meet Saba Khan - The Mastermind Behind Super Chic Clothing Line 'C'est La Vie'


Meet Saba Khan – The Mastermind Behind Super Chic Clothing Line ‘C’est La Vie’


Pakistan’s fashion industry is surely picking up its pace and has also made its way to the international market. The industry is growing and evolving with many emerging fashion designers as they want to bring out their best and let say, the competition is pretty tough!

Speaking of fashion, Parhlo had a chance to interview the amazing Saba Khan owner of C’est La Vie at one of her one-of-its-kind exhibition. Going through her chic and beautiful collection, what intrigued us the most was the idea being her collection. Saba has come up with a modest western clothing line (business smart/business casual) with a traditional cut so that it is workable for all types of women.

In a conversation with Saba, find out more about her inspirational journey in the video shared below.

During the conversation, Saba told us that it has always been her dream since she was a little girl to start something within the clothing line and her dream has come true.

A few snippets from Saba’s exhibition

Team Parhlo and other guests sure had a good time at the exhibition

What’s so special about Saba’s work and designs?

Well, EVERYTHING! What sets Saba apart from the rest in the industry is that Saba has kept in mind an average, working Pakistani girl. A girl who wouldn’t hesitate wearing chic shirts and long dresses to work without having to worry about being uncomfortable.

Oh, and you know what’s even better?

The collection is reasonably priced so you don’t have to sell a kidney to buy a pair of formal pants. Oh, we all know how expensive those tailors are now, don’t we?

Check out her amazing collection here!

We wish Saba all the best for her venture and may she finds success!

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