fat girl marriage pakistan

Chubby Pakistani Girl Shares Story Of How Her Husband Fought For Their Marriage


Marriage, a sanctimonious bond, is how civilization and life grows. At times, marriage comes easily. Other times, it becomes difficult. But, if the will and courage to face any and everything is there, the sky is the limit.

One Pakistani girl shared her love story with the rest of the country, paying a huge tribute to her husband. The girl, inexplicably, informed people on social media that she was a ‘moti’ larki, a fat girl. Obesity and being overweight is generally looked down upon, especially in Pakistan.

Writing a post on a famous Facebook group, where people usually share things about their relationship, this is what Tuba Faraz had to say. Tuba said that she had been reading heartbreaking posts of others on the group, and used to laugh. Thus, she decided to share her own story as well.

Fat girl marriage pakistan
Source: twitter

Tuba said: “I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I don’t find myself beautiful, I think I’m very fat. And our society does not accept fat girls, especially in the context of marriage for their sons. But I feel that if you’re good, you will get good.

I was very sincere in my relationship with my boyfriend. I felt that if I wronged my partner, he would wrong me too. So I did everything right. After 3 years, today, I am happily married to my boyfriend.”

She said that regardless of how she looked, her boyfriend, now husband, would praise her for looking good. He would find her pretty in anything she wore.

“He fought very hard for us, especially when it came to convincing his family for our marriage. In our society, parents do not want fat girls for their sons. But he convinced them, that’s how much he loved me,” she added.

“In return, I never asked him for anything. No expensive gifts, nothing. He would do so much for me that I generally didn’t want anything else other than his love,” she wrote.

chubby girl pakistan
Source: twitter

Tuba then went on to add the only thing she wanted from her relationship was turning it into a marriage. And with the help of God and the will of her husband, the couple recently got married. Together, now, they live a happy life – overcoming all odds.

Generally, in Pakistan, chubby girls are looked down upon in society, with women being their biggest enemies. With a plethora of taunts, they would be targeted and told that they wouldn’t get married to a good guy. However, Tuba’s story breaks all those stereotypes!

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