We Asked Pakistanis About Their Most Embarrassing Moments As ‘Third-Wheelers’ On Dates And Too Much Info!


We Asked Pakistanis About Their Most Embarrassing Moments As ‘Third-Wheelers’ On Dates And Too Much Info!


Having a group of friends is a lot of fun and sometimes feels like it could be better than dating. That is until everyone in that friend group starts dating someone except for you. Then you’re in that awkward zone where your friends don’t want to ignore you because they appreciate your company, but don’t appreciate it enough because they can stand to go two hours without being by their significant other’s sideThis ends up with you being put in the worst kind of friend-zone: the third wheel-zone.

So, we asked our followers and colleagues about the things they witnessed a couple doing while being a third wheeler and this is what they have to say!

1. They try to get you to pick sides when they argue. 


You want to side with your bestie, but you don’t want their SO to hate you since you know they’ll totally make up. It’s a lose/lose, and you’d rather not get involved

2. They want you to keep secrets… from each other. 


You know you’re friends and everything, but you don’t need this unnecessary pressure. As if being the third wheel wasn’t already hard enough.

3. Anytime something sad happens, they comfort one another, and you have no one to comfort you. 

So you’re like:

You have no other option, now do you?

4. They’re always trying to hook you up with one of their other single friends.

 Like, thanks, but no thanks.

5. The PDA.


No explanation needed other than the PDA is real.

But we’ll explain anyway: Like when they wipe things off each other’s faces in that cutesy way that makes you feel totes awkward.
Like, have some courtesy and STOP, please.


It’s real!

6. But you’re not sure what’s worse — PDA, or their inside jokes that you don’t get.

This is indeed the worst situation to be in! They’re cracking inside jokes and you’re just standing there like a dumbf*ck!

7. You’re no one’s priority, so you dedicate yourself to the couple!


How true is this? Let is know all the chichora things you’ve experienced while being a third-wheeler! The next time you opt for being a third-wheeler, make a wise decision and think twice or well maybe… thrice! You will regret it for life. Tellin’ ya! And for those who actually enjoy it, well then, happy three-payying! LOL!

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