Are You a Lazy Bum? Do this If You Don’t Have Time to Get Ready In the Morning!


You just had a spanking good Sunday night and you hit the sack real late. But you don’t want to look like a hot mess the next morning. Well, how many times do you snooze your alarm in the morning and then wake up hours late for work? You can’t live in denial all your life. We’ve all been there. There’s no need to stop living the night life and eliminate partying because we understand the struggle of leaving behind good things. Which is why we have some morning hacks for you!

1. Slap your face


Wake up and gently slap your cheek bones and forehead. This will drain all the fluids out of your face and promote healthy blood circulation. Also, your cheeks will look naturally flushed, thanks to all the red blood flow in your cheek. Yes, you’re welcome!

2.  Cleaning


Chances are, you either slept with your makeup on or you didn’t take it off properly, so do yourself a favor and wash your face with a cleanser followed by moisturization, you need all the hydration you can get. Also, don’t forget to brush. Please don’t forget to brush your teeth. You don’t want to kill anyone with your bad breath.

3. Makeup


Here comes the part that’ll blow your mind. Would you be surprised if I told you, you only need one makeup product to look presentable? Just one product!  Lipstick is all you need. A dark red lipstick would be preferable. Applying lipstick has a magical effect on your face. Even if the rest of your face is blank and untouched, a touch of dark lipstick, red or vampy will make you look polished!

Bonus tip: Use your lipstick as cream blush. Take a little on your fingers, rub it nicely and dab some on the apples of your cheeks.

There you have it, folks. 3 steps to looking polished and perfectly done up for work. A lipstick aka two-in-one product that’s great for on-the-go chicks that never have time for a full face of makeup. What is your favorite lipstick color? Let us know in the comments below!

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