Feroze Khan FINALLY Met His Craziest Fan and Made Her Day!


Just a couple of days ago, a post by a crazy Feroze Khan went viral on social media. Sara Abbas, a super loving fan of Feroze Khan shared in a private group that she wishes to meet the actor on her 10-day visit to Karachi from Dubai.

She requested women to help her out and her plea instantly went viral.

It Went So Viral, Even Feroze Khan Tweeted About It!

Everybody was suggesting Feroze Khan to with his crazy, lovable fan!

While this was the only sign we saw from Feroze Khan, he indeed made the wish of Sara come true by meeting with her and spending an entire day with her.

Yes, He Made the Fan’s Dream Come True!

We are wondering what this coin really means, but well, something for Sara to remember the memorable day by, right?

He Took her to the Gym With him as Basically, he Wanted to Spend the Entire Day With her

Just Look at How Cute Made her Day!

To Summarize the Entire Day, Here’s What Sara Shared with her Followers

Indeed a cute gesture by Feroze Khan to spend an entire day with his crazy fan. Waiting for other celebs to make moments like these come true for their fans!

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