Here Are 7 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The Famous Zaib Rehman From ‘Aangan’

During an interview, a veteran of Pakistani entertainment business Shoaib Mansoor told that, “No one cries as convincingly onscreen as Zaib Rehman does”. Recalling the memories, Shoaib Mansoor added that in the film, where Zaib breaks down because her daughter has been given a life sentence is said to be scene-stealing.

People who are following the drama serial ‘Ranjha Ranjha Kerdi’ and ‘Aangan’ are well aware of Zaib Rehman aka Jannat Bibi and Amma Jaan, but do you know how talented and graceful Zaib Rehman is? Her ageless beauty and poise still mesmerized her fans.

Here Are Some Lesser Known Facts About Zaib Rehman You Want To Know!

1. Zaib Rehman Is A Lawyer By Profession

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An LLM from the University Of Punjab and a successful entrepreneur, Zaib Rehman is the CEO of Memaar Associates (she describes herself as a “builder”!

2. She Is One Of The Classical Actresses Of PTV

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Your parents must know Zaib very well. She had worked in PTV classics of the 1980s. She has played impressive roles in Andhera Ujala, Ragon Mein Andhera, Shikayatein Hikayatein, and several other thought-provoking plays.

3. Zaib Is A Foodie!

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Zaib said in an interview that socializing isn’t her scene. “When I am free from work, I like to be home. This helps keep my sanity intact. I listen to music, watch a lot of movies and I am a big foodie, too”. Wait. How is she still in shape? “Of course, I exercise religiously”, she added. WOAH! She is giving us a shock one after one!

4. She Made Her Film Debut With Shoaib Mansoor’s Bol

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One of the geniuses of his time, Muhammad Nisar Hussain has had a great impact on Zaib Rehman. After he passed away, she took a long break of eight years from miniscreen and came back with a blast! Yes, she signed Shoaib Mansoor’s Bol in 2011. Her enthusiasm and passion for acting are increasing with each passing day!

5. Zaib Made Efforts To Sent Two Tanzanians Back To Their Home


The plight of two Tanzanians Umar Ali Suleman (aka Omari Ally Suleiman) and Muhammad Ashraf Zaki (aka Ashraf Mohamed) ended in 2014 due to the efforts by Asad Warraich, superintendent of Central Jail Lahore (Kot Lakhpat), and Lahore High Court lawyer Zaib Rehman, yes our favorite Jannat Bibi helped loving people! The two Tanzanians stayed in Pakistan as their visas had been expired. They were suffering in a Lahore prison for 2.5 years.

6. She Also Delivers Lecture At LUMS Feminist Society!

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Zaib Rehman frequently holds a lecture at different colleges including Lahore University Of Management (LUMS) Feminist Society. In March 2014, she received the Distinguished Alumni Award at Lahore College for Women University.

7. Zaib Is Active On Instagram And Twitter, Go Follow Her!

Yes, she is the 21st-century actress and she knows how to keep in touch with the fans!

Zaib Rehman is setting an example for all the working women in Pakistan. More power to you, ma’am!