Feroze Khan Might Just Meet this Girl Who is CRAZY About him and We Are Just Waiting to See How That Goes!


When it comes to having a crush on a local celebrity, it can really get to your head at times. Fans really wish to see their celebrity crush, especially if he or she is someone who works in the native country.

Watching your celebrity crush on the television screen just builds your feelings more for them, doesn’t it? Well, it can clearly be seen by the way this girl wants to meet Pakistan heartthrob Feroze Khan.

Sara Abbas Took it On Social Media and Requested People to Help her Meet Feroze Khan

In a post she made on a local group for women only, Sara wrote how she is in Karachi for 10 days and she wants someone to make her meet Feroze Khan.

Here’s What She Wrote in the Group

In short, Sara is just head over heels when it comes to Feroze Khan…

But It Seems She Is in For a Ride Because Feroze Khan Acknowledged her Post and Shared on his Twitter

He just asked his fans what should he possibly do while sharing the post on his social media.

And people were coming up with suggestions, which of course, would make Sara VERY happy!

The Cluster was Increasing


And Sara Abbas was There in the Comments Section As Well

So now we are just hoping to see Sara Abbas finally meet with Feroze Khan where her dream can become a reality. The first point was how Feroze Khan noticed Sara’s love and now the second is to finally see her.

Indeed, it will be a huge fan moment for her!

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