This Girl Shares Heartbreaking Details Of How Her Mother Tragically Passed Away In Shaukat Khanum Hospital!

From childhood to adulthood, we see our parents giving their best to us! They become our friends, our caretakers, driver, cook, chauffeur and everything which is needed!

We later make friends, get attached to other people but our ultimate bond will always be with our parents! No matter how old we get, we always run back to our parents, in happiness, and in sadness.

Nobody would want to see their parents in any sort of illness, this girl on Twitter not only saw her mother battling an ailing disease but also saw her taking her last breath in pain.

Her tweet expressed all the pain that she and her family went through!

Wishal’s mother was admitted in Shaukat Khanum ever since she was diagnosed with the fatal disease.

After the hospital couldn’t handle her mother’s case, they asked her to sign the DNR form.

When she and her family complained to the hospital, the quality assurance department tried defending their doctor’s negligence!

The people who were trained by the hospital made some very careless mistakes!

It is such a shame that the doctors were trying to cover up their mistakes by saying that this happened in an odd probability!

At such a critical situation, there were no doctors available to attend her mother!

The height of carelessness was when the doctor in charge was not available at such an emergency!

This whole scenario is enough to quote the evidence of how the doctors and staff are so careless with their patients.

She made a video during the time when the staff was being careless and her mother’s oxygen levels fell!

Her mother took her last breath on Saturday, and the whole family is in shock. Wishal’s statements on Twitter are clear proof that it was the negligence of the staff due to which her mother lost her life. A common civilian cannot take any action against such a big institution; who already have lawyers at their back. Wishal’s motive to write it out on Twitter was to let people know the grieve reality of the esteemed hospital.

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