This 22-Year-Old Girl Is Asking For Pakistan’s Help After She Exposed Her Father’s Life-Long Abuse!


It is said that there’s no such bond as a parent’s and unfortunately, there are some who are deprived of this beautiful bond. The love of parents plays a vital role in the upbringing of a child and their personality development. Speaking of which, here’s a shocking story we recently came across where a vulnerable, 22-year-old girl, Emaan, let her heart out and exposed her father, leaving everyone in a state of shock with the details she had shared.

Here’s what she had to say:

People, this is a humble request please spread this post as much as you can as this might be my very last post as once my father gets to know where I am he would not spare me. I am writing this to tell everybody what kind of a person my father is and what torture he made me go through. Please save a victim who is still alive from the same ruthless treatment thousands of girls suffer from and eventually die.

I was a year old when my mom ( Bushra) and dad separated. Since childhood, I was told not to meet my mom. At my dad’s place I wasnt treated well. I was looked as an inferior object just because I am a girl. I was told to accept everything as it is, even if it is brutal for me but at the same time my school taught me to stand up for myself. Gradually, as I started getting older my dad started being more and more ruthless towards me. As much as I was pro-education my whole family would negate it. They would call me names and would look down on me because I wanted to persue my education.

As I grew older my dad’s humiliation turned into violence and at countless occasions. He used to beat me up without a reason and lock me down. The things got so worse that I was not allowed to have food of my own choice and today, I am a 22-year-old girl who looks like a 10-year-old because of all the malnourishment over the years. I started going to my moms house to escape all the humiliation and violence. One day, when I came back from my moms place my dad beat me up alot. The violence was so much that all my legs and arms got sore and I was bruised.

My dad threatened me that if I don’t leave my studies and do not stop going to my moms place he will get me kidnapped and raped/ get my hands and legs cut and drug dose me so that I’m never able to stand for myself again and tell people what he exactly is. When I asked him that now I am an adult and I have a right to choose so he threatened me with another reason that if I ask for my right as an adult he would put false court cases on me if I don’t submit.

P.s he couldn’t just stop giving the fee for my university because he had an image to maintain of being the perfect father and he wanted me to tell everybody that I left my education with my own choice because I do not want to study myself/ to show the world that I am not mentally well etc. This incident was so horrendous and terrifying that it shook me to a whole new level and I knew that living in his house was not an option anymore.


I asked my aunt and my brother and many other relatives to talk to my father but most of them did not believe me and the few who knew told me to submit to him the way he wants and to accept all his violence. After this, I knew if I stay at his house he would do something horrifying. I left my dad’s house and I went to my mother’s place forever. I also talked to my maternal grandfather but he directly refused to help at all. I asked for help from a few more people but one by one every single person closed their doors on me. I never felt so helpless and torn as I did then and now.

I couldn’t go to the govt of Pakistan because my father had contacts all over as he is a well-known man. Me and my mother then decided to leave the country as nobody in Pakistan was ready to help us. We came to the UAE to find a job on a visit visa as we found the UAE very safe. Once I reached here I started finding a job but finding one itself is not so easy and now my visa is soon going to end and I will have to go back and I am sure that once I reach Pakistan my dad will tear me into pieces. He might drug dose me so I’m never able to stand for myself ever again and a lot of other torturous things.

Her original post:

People this is a humble request please spread this post as much as you can as this might be my very last post as once my…

Gepostet von Eman Anwar am Mittwoch, 25. September 2019

Even the thought of how he will treat me now sends shivers down my spine. My father would send a message to the rest of the world that my daughter is perfectly fine while he tortures me for the rest of my life and then kill me. Today, I Eman Kamran ( the name on my passport and identity card) with being in all my senses and knowing everything declares that if my dad ever tries to tell the world that I am doing well at his place or in his house or at his hands people please just know that he is lying about it completely and probably he has kept me captive in some underground area and is doing all sorts of torture to me over there.

This might be my last ever message that I can convey to the world about what a monster my father is. And if you people have a question about the fact that he is my real father then I would answer that by saying that yes he is my biological father. Also, I would want to mention that my father has a habit of bribing people and getting his work done from a third party so that it’s hard to track him down.


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