This Young And Brave Girl From Islamabad Shaved Her Head And People Are Absolutely Loving it!


We, as a society have finally started breaking social norms and stereotypes regardless of being a boy or a girl. We’ve seen females riding heavy bikes on roads to flying planes between high-ranged mountains. It’s something we all should be very proud of!

However, when such steps or actions are being taken by girls specially, it turns into some serious dramatic shizz where everyone’s like “haw-hayee”, astaghfarr”, “Jahanummi larkiyann”, “Yeh humara muashraa kis taraf jaraha haii?” “Qayamat kareeb hai” and a lot more. This sounds very upsetting and shows how we as a society lack behind in acceptance and tolerance. But, this does not mean we stop trying rather, we should bring one another up and show our love and support to every action being taken in our country.

Anyhow, recently, a university student, Areej Zaka from Islamabad shared her experience on how she chopped all her hair off last month and went on about how it’s the coolest thing she’s ever done!

 Here’s the thread that she began on Twitter:

She then began by telling us all the benefits of not having to do the daily ritualistic hair routine we all do when we have to do our hair:

She further adds on how she does not have to waste extra time and efforts for washing, drying and straightening her hair:

Hmmm, might take this into consideration…

Oh! We surely want to find out what we’re missing out on, go on please…

Must be so relaxing, so many people willing to give a massage on the head! Yaasss

More power to you, guuurl!

And lastly, this is how her followers reacted:

Yess, let’s give a huge round of applause to Areej for taking this bold step and breaking the social norms of our “Muashra”. We absolutely love and admire girls like you! Would you girls dare to shave your heads off like her? Let us know in the comments below.

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