Gul Bukhari Gets Trolled for Mocking Asad Umar’s English and Oh Boy, People Are Enjoying It -

Gul Bukhari Gets Trolled for Mocking Asad Umar’s English and Oh Boy, People Are Enjoying It


There is not one day in the world of politics when people can put their differences aside and tweet on something productive. The political parties are always on each other’s toes, making nasty comments, hitting each other with nasty remarks and whatnot. The women’s day wasn’t any different for political parties and their members.

Gul Bukhari is a name which keeps appearing on social media, especially when it comes to attacking PTI and its politicians. Bukhari is a columnist for The Nation and lives in Lahore. In 2018, Bukhari was all over the news when she was reportedly abducted from her home for controversial reasons.

From trolls to the alleged abduction, Bukhari has never stopped pouring her heart out in form of words. This time, she tried to ridicule Finance minister Asad Umar.

Asad Umar Made the Following Tweet on Women’s Day

The finance minister made a tweet to encourage women and talked about providing safety to the gender:

On this international womens day lets remember that Pakistan cannot be the prosperous and peaceful country we want it to be unless women who are more than half the country are given the chance to live their lifes to their full potential

When Gul Bukhari Came Across This Tweet, She Couldn’t Help But Mock Asad Umar for Writing his Tweet in English

A while back, Asad Umar stood in the assembly and spoke about Bilawal Bhutto Zardari for addressing the nation and the assembly in English. Bilawal, who usually uses English as a mode of communication, delivered a speech in English, to which Asad Umar mocked.

Gul Bukhari, who supports PPP, tried to mock Asad Umar for tweeting in English for this very reason. She made the following tweet:

Now we all know that the politics are always dirty and when it comes to the supporters of the parties, they try to show the similar patterns.

People Started Attacking and Trolling Gul Bukhari For this Very Attack on Asad Umar

(By bhaabi he means Benazir Bhutto)


And Here We Go

Well, this is just the glimpse of the sort of trolling that happens everyday under the tweets of a politician or a supporter of a particular party. One really needs to have a thick skin to deal with these trolls and mocking on regular basis.

Also, Asad Umar is a public figure representing Pakistan internationally. It was wise of him to tweet in English. At the same time, however, it is good when politicians tweet in their native languages as well.

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