Here Are 7 Things Pakistani Women Do To Appear More ‘Feminine’


Women may disagree with this statement but everyone is born beautiful! The definition of beauty may vary culture to culture and country to country, but in the case of Pakistan, most people consider that beauty is all about having gora rung and that nazakat!


As much as simplicity is underrated especially in a Pakistani society, it is important that Pakistani women learn to accept themselves in their own skin. But then those ‘rishta aunties’ and all those ‘log’ busy in encouraging girls and women to appear more feminine will go out of business. We are not sorry if that hurts!

Well, today, we will enlighten you what Pakistani women do to appear more feminine,

1. Try / Suggest Unnecessary Totkas

To be very honest, it is the favorite past time of Pakistani women to try new and different totkas for everything, and well, suggest them too. Be it to get fair, get the perfect body shape or the whitest teeth in town, they are definitely trying off new desi totkas. Even though, some might be tried and tested and give best results, but we will recommend you; don’t believe everything the magazine or internet say!

2. Use A LOT of Makeup

Makeup has become a need, because yes, we all want to look good wearing those fake lashes with that winged eyeliner. Oh yes! You cannot forget that blush on cheeks with that Marylou highlighter! Well, makeup is definitely not a bad thing but using too much makeup and 24/7 just because you want to look feminine, is definitely not okay! One should learn to accept themselves as who they are, and take pride in their own skin. Feminity is not about having the perfect skin or gora rung, it is about embracing yourself as who you really are!

3. Get Plastic Surgeries done

Media is one of the reasons that has unconsciously triggered people to get botox and surgeries done just to get the perfect face with perfect jawlines like aunties in our tv serials. But why? Women feel that if they get their nose fixed or lips plumped, they will look beautiful! One should try to avoid such unnecessary treatments as they have dire consequences later in life, one should believe in themselves and learn to accept age gracefully!

4. Follow Unnecessary Fashion Trends

Everybody wants to follow the latest fashion trends, and when we talk about Pakistani women, they love to dress up! Dressing up is not a bad thing but being overdressed is, and especially wearing something that doesn’t suit is definitely a NO, NO! Pakistani women usually follow fashion trends that they themselves are not comfortable in wearing and which makes them look like a fashion disaster!

5. Wear Uncomfortable Heels

Wearing heels is not every woman’s cup of tea, and yes, not everyone can carry heels gracefully! Well, it is true that everyone dreams of walking like those models in a fashion show but, everyone cannot try to wear what they feel comfortable in! Try and experiment with different types of heels, like wedges or heels that are comfortable to walk in!

6. Wear Unnecessary Jewelry

Jewelry uplifts a women’s appearance, be it as something as simple as a ring! Well, what we would like to advice all the Pakistani women who are wearing all that jewelry from their collection to look good, don’t wear everything! It is important to wear things according to the occasion, especially in the case of jewelry. One should try to be as minimalistic as possible!

7. Take Inspiration from the Western Culture

Most Pakistani women are inspired, or shall I say, obsessed with the western culture? Sorry if that hurt, but it is true! Women try to copy the west, They want to have that perfect body and for that, they either get implants done, or wear padded garments. Well, it is everyone’s personal choice but to copy something that might be deemed down in Pakistani culture is considered inappropriate. It is important that women realize that they are beautiful inside out and that no piece of clothing or treatment can make them more beautiful!

Women, especially Pakistani women, should love themselves as who they are! They should try to stay bold and beautiful because life is too short to make undesirable choices and play with your looks! However, it is important to experiment and try new things but just to change yourself as ‘log kia kahenge’, or to appear more feminine, you go out of the way and do things, it will definitely not work because logo ka kaam hai kehna aur wo kehtay rahenge!

So time to live your life!

What are your thoughts on this?

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