Highlights From Saudi Arabia's First Ever WWE Women's Wrestling Match!


Women's Wrestling Saudi Arabia

Highlights From Saudi Arabia’s First-Ever WWE Women’s Wrestling Match!


Metaphorically, Saudi Arabia falls under the ‘most conservative’ category among other Islamic countries. In the Islamic hub of the world, the blending of worldly activities is finally, providing the citizens with sheer entertainment. Currently, the world media is busy covering Saudi Arabia’s recent changing of events as it hosted first-ever WWE women’s wrestling contest.

Saudi Arabia ‘s first-ever WWE women’s wrestling contest!

Apparently, the unexpected news became public after the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) officials confirmed it. In this amending tenure of Saudi Arabia, previously, it had even abolished compulsory abaya rules for tourists. This week, on Thursday, Saudi Arabia hosted first-ever WWE women’s match between victorious Natalya and Lacey Evans in Riyadh city.

After the historic evening, WWE labeled the event ‘woman’s evolution’ with a congratulatory caption!

Not to indulge completely in the modern mannerism, there were some strict rules implemented prior to the battle. Sources say that both the wrestlers Natalya and Lacey Evans wore full bodysuits with a t-shirt on top. The most awaited fighting contest was held in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh’s King Fahd International Stadium.

‘Crown Jewel’ gathering praises globally!

Since the news of the happening event broke into the media, Saudi WWE fans were thrilled with excitement. Apparently, the match called ‘Crown Jewel’ became the reason for appreciation for the Saudi government. Till now, Saudi Arabia held a male-centric stance with severe obligations for the women but, the recent changes are being lauded worldwide.

Talking about WWE stars that became part of the history, both hold a strong affiliation with the wrestling ring. Reportedly, Natalya has previously achieved the two-time WWE women’s championship and is a Canadian-American. While Lacey Evans had served the United States (US) marine department before entering into the wrestling field.

Athlete Natalya, after winning the battle, expressed her sentimental feelings on Twitter!

With an emotional picture with her opponent, Natalya wrote, “I’d been dreaming of this moment for a long time and tonight was for every girl and every woman who has had a dream. Tonight proved dreams do come true and we can make this world a better place together.” Honestly, every picture coming out of the match is revealing another layer of emotions.

Reposting WWE’s official ‘Herstory’ tweet, Lacey Evans summed up her Saudi Arabia experience with a red heart!

Gradually, Saudi Arabia is emerging as a ‘non-oppressive’ country with respect to its women. Apparently, the rules are still tough for women as compared to other Islamic countries, but the government is things with time. At times, issues take place since change requires time for acceptance, similarly, earlier this year, Nicki Minaj’s performance in Saudi Arabia called out for trouble.

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