Humaima Malick Gives a Peck on Her Bhabhi’s Lips and People are Going “Haw Hayee”


The wedding of Feroze Khan was the talk of the nation, given how star-studded the evening was. In the middle of all the rumors, the family demanded privacy while Pakistanis were busy questioning the caste and mocking the looks of the bride.

Cheers to whatever little we have ❤ #AlizeyFerozeKhan

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But the Family Didn’t Care About Anything and Had All the Fun they Could at the Wedding!

What a night?? #FK #HK #FerozeDaVeyah

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Between the haws and the hayes, Humaima Malick gave another reason for Pakistanis during the mehndi ceremony. While showing her love to the newlywed sister in law, Humaima might have mistakenly kissed the bride on her lips. Well, not even a kiss; a peck!

Here’s What Happened:

And Pakistanis Knew What Do Next:


Well, Pakistanis just need a reason to make something innocent extremely disgusting. It was an innocent gesture and it had nothing to do with all the disgusting remarks Humaima later received.


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