Kaam Pura Tou Ujrat Aadhi Kiun? Iffat Omar Raised Her Voice For ‘Equal Pay Right’ At Aurat March

This time’s Aurat March theme sounded differently and followed the country’s financial crises.

Women asked for equality of pay rights, and placards and posters highlighted the concern regarding respect and equal salary distribution.

Source: Al Jazeera

Not only that, but the theme also offered a disclaimer ahead of the march about its zero-tolerance policy towards discriminatory placards. “We will not condone any message that will instigate or propagate violence and hate speech,” they had declared.

In the same concern, actor Iffat Omar raised an important question in this year aurat march that increased the fire among the audience.

Iffat Omar Requests Pay Rights At Aurat March

Iffat Omar took to the streets of Lahore on Wednesday to march for pay parity and equal rights for women. Her placard read: “Kaam pura tou ujrat aadhi kiun?” which roughly translates to, “Why pay half for a job well done?”

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Her placard wasn’t instigating any hate speech, it was the genuine concern that every working woman facing in the current slot despite the financial crisis.

But her demand met with massive outrage of disapproval from several netizens and most of them bashed Omar for no reason.

 Among the spiteful comments, a woman had written, “Because you don’t know how to act.”

Source: Instagram

In response, Omar lashed out, “If I don’t know how to act, then why do [they] chase me for work? I refuse to work! So literally, go to hell if you are ridiculing the pay gap in Pakistan.”

She then pointed out, “I don’t know how to act but even Mahira doesn’t get paid as much as Fawad. Women like you, who don’t support other women demanding their basic human rights, are the biggest disappointment.”

In another comment, the same user had written, “Talk about wage disparity but at least pick a sector where it happens.”

Triggered by the placard, many continued to pass hateful remarks at Omar. A user spewed, “It’s because of your face, the rest of them get paid in full.” Another wrote, “Say this to the people who paid you half.”

Iffat Omar has been one of the vocal celebs in the industry, last year she was part of Aye Musht-e-Khaak which became viral in several domestic violence scenes. Iffat revealed that she demanded that no one slap anyone and condemned violent scenes.

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